Classical Empires

Your Challenge


Unit 2 Project Instructions 2018-19

Make a Plan

Choose Your Adventure

18-19 Game Board

Research Help & Avoiding Plagiarism

MackinVia Group Link

In the MackinVia Group are the databases that will be most helpful to you for your research.

There is also an APA Citation Guide.

You will use APA Citations for this project. Your References Page will be a separate Minor Grade and the Rubric is on the second page of the template.

The video helper for this project and the MackinVia Group.

Digital Citizenship

  • Be sure to cite any sources of information in you References Page for this project.
  • Choose products and tech tools to showcase your learning that you feel comfortable with. There is a difference between challenging yourself to learn something new and struggling.
  • Be careful using images. You should always show attribution for images by including a citation.