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Welcome to the Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences


One in five people in Hong Kong lives in poverty. Both poverty and its associated effects on parental stress have negative impacts on children’s development. Coupled with a rapidly greying population, the need to give our children the education, upbringing, and environment to be the best they can be is more urgent than ever. The Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences conducts research that helps us understand the factors that contribute to individual differences in development. The Centre also designs interventions that help level the playing field, so that children with diverse needs and backgrounds have the opportunities for optimal development. Bringing together colleagues with different expertise (e.g., early childhood education, special education cognitive development, educational neuroscience, language development, and pedagogical content knowledge) and methodological orientations (phenomenological, physiological, and psychological), our work is driven by the belief that, as society evolves, a thorough understanding of individual, social, and pedagogical factors are necessary to provide the knowledge needed for adaptation.


To conduct world-class research that is recognised locally and internationally for the quality of its work, both academically and by societal impact.


To conduct basic research that helps us understand factors that influence (a) the development of key outcomes in numeracy, literacy, cognitive and socio-emotional skills, and (b) physical and psychological well-being.

To conduct translational research and develop novel interventions that improve children’s developmental outcomes.

To provide data for evidence-based refinement to teaching practices. Using longitudinal data on the interplay between pedagogy and development, a goal of the Centre is to develop teacher professional training material that showcases and provides concrete examples of what effective pedagogy looks and feels like.

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