Frequently Asked Questions

Freehold Regional High School District

What are Magnet Programs?

These four-year programs allow students to pursue their passions in fields of study and career interests. Students and faculty join to form a unique learning community located within the comprehensive high school setting. All programs include in-depth study of targeted courses on an advanced level, with many courses meeting the requirements of Advanced Placement or college-level work. Programs prepare students to directly enter the work force, or attend a post-secondary technical program, or attend a two- or four-year college.

How do you decide who gets a seat?

The admissions formula considers multiple measures to ensure that accepted students are a good fit for the program. The table below presents how the application components are weighted for each program.

Grades are not weighted based on level (honors, resource, etc.). Each grade is viewed as a measurement of how well a student performed toward appropriately leveled objectives. An A+ is equal to any other A+, no matter the level of the courses.

Why is Algebra 1 required by the Computer Science, Medical Sciences, and Science & Engineering programs?

9th grade coursework in these programs assumes and depends on student proficiency in Algebra 1. Pre-Algebra does not satisfy this requirement, nor does Algebra 1 taken during the summer immediately prior to 9th grade.

How do I learn more about a specific program?

Students can learn more about specific programs at our Open Houses. These are formal presentations on the program, with meet-and-greets with staff and students afterwards. Students do NOT have to attend an Open House to apply to the program.

How many programs may I apply to?

You may apply to up to two (2) programs. Fine and Performing Arts applicants may apply to two majors within FPAC, as well as one other program

How will I get to school if I am accepted into a program that is not located in my home school?

FRHSD provides bussing for all Magnet Program students, including activity buses to accommodate after school participation in extra-curricular activities.

How do I know which Magnet Program is right for me?

Students should ask themselves the following questions. Responses will help determine whether a program is a good fit.

  • Do my personal and/or career interests match the focus of the program?
  • Do my grades in the subjects that are the academic focus of the program demonstrate that I am ready to accept the challenge of the program?
  • Have I participated in classes, after-school activities, hobbies, or other activities that demonstrate that I have some interest with the focus of the program?
  • Have I demonstrated that I can balance the demands of accelerated classes while still participating in sports, clubs, hobbies, and other extra-curricular activities?
  • Am I willing to attend the high school where this program is located?
  • For the Computer Science, Medical Sciences, and Science & Engineering programs, am I taking Algebra 1 or higher in 8th grade?

How do I apply?

The online application is at and will open on October 2, 2019. Click here to see the schedule of deadlines .

Can I prepare for the entrance exam?

The district utilizes percentile scores from a nationally administered assessment of cognitive ability and aptitude. This is not a subject-specific test for which students can study, but a test of skills and abilities that many schools use to determine appropriateness for specialized programs.

What if I get extended time (or other accommodations) for testing?

If a student receives testing accommodations due to an IEP or 504 plan and they are taking the entrance exam, parents/guardians must contact the Office of Curriculum & Instruction and provide a signed, current copy in advance.

Who should I ask for a recommendation?

Ask two teachers who know you well and can provide feedback on your interests, academic work, and likelihood of success in the program(s) to which you are applying. Select these individuals carefully and ask those teachers who teach classes that most closely resemble the focus of the program (e.g., ask your science and math teachers if you are applying to Science and Engineering; ask your English and social studies teachers if you are applying to Law & Public Service). Teacher recommendations are completed in our online application program. Recommendations are in the form of a Likert scale and are confidential (students and parents/guardians cannot see them).

Some programs (Culinary, FPAC, JROTC, LEPS) require an additional recommendation from another teacher in your school or external professional who has trained you or has knowledge of your talents.

Why must I audition for FPAC and interview for JROTC? How do I schedule an appointment?

These programs are focused on a student’s talents and potential for growth in unique areas of interest. The professionals who work in and with these programs will evaluate you, utilizing carefully designed criteria. You will be emailed in mid-December specific details.

When will you review my application?

We will monitor the applications coming into our system during the application period, but we will not begin the review process until after all parts of the application are complete, including parts that are coming from your school and your recommenders. You will be able to check your dashboard in the application so that you can be assured that all parts have been completed. Note that applications that are incomplete (that is, missing required items such as, but not limited to, essays and extra-curricular list) will not move forward for consideration.

When will I find out if I have been accepted?

We are planning to notify students in mid-February 2020. We notify applicants via email to log back into our online application system to obtain their status.

The selection process considers many different criteria and involves large amounts of data collection with partner middle schools. As such, the selection process is a lengthy one. Private schools, the Monmouth County Vocational School District, and other schools have selection and registration processes that are separate from the FRHSD. We are unable to accommodate requests for early decision

If I apply to two programs, can I be accepted to both?

Yes. You can be accepted to two programs. You will have a few days to make your choice. Once you accept enrollment in one program, you give up your place in the other one.

What is the waiting list and how does it work?

Because we have limited positions in each program, we begin by offering enrollment to the top students who qualify for admission. However, not all those students choose to enroll. Therefore, we offer other students who meet all the standards for acceptance a place on the wait list. As students make their choices to enroll or not, we invite students from the wait list to enroll. Because this is a fluid process, we cannot tell you your likelihood for acceptance. We encourage you to make decisions based on your interests. Students may accept a place on one or two wait lists.

What happens if I am not accepted to any program?

You will attend your home school. All FRHSD high schools offer excellent rigorous courses that will meet your interests and abilities.