Fremont County SD #25 Report Card

Superintendent, Terry Snyder

Board Chair, Lynette Jeffres

This District Report Card provides information to produce a clear picture of how well our FCSD #25 Schools and District are performing. Families, students, and community members can use the report card to better understand how students are performing and how money is being spent in our district. The data provided also provides information for school staff that helps to identify areas of strength and areas where growth is needed . Together, this ensures we are doing the best we can for all FCSD #25 students.

District Overview

For questions or clarification regarding the District Report Card, please contact JoAnne Flanagan at 307 856 9407.
Si desea acceder al boletín de calificaciones de la escuela en español, comuníquese con Esther Osario al 307 856 9407 para solicitar una versión en español que se enviará a casa.


Wyoming Accountability in Education Act

State Achievement Results


Student Success

English Learners

Progress Toward Goals

Wy-TOPP Participation Rate

Office Of Civil Rights Data

Teacher Equity Data

Per Pupil Expenditures

Wy-ALT Testing Participation

Post-Secondary Enrollment