What is FreestyleVan all about?

FreestyleVan is the vanlife project of a dude named Hokey Pokey who travels around the country with a lovely lady name Pineapples, along with their pup, Okey Dokey, while living out of The Curious Clunker, a van, also known as Bulky Folkie.

Since its inception in 2016, FreestyleVan's mission is to promote a freestyle life. What does that mean? It means that life is made up as we go along. It means investigative gonzo journalism in the pursuit of a universal definition of newsworthiness. It means coddiwompling. It means living in a "free style" way, ya know?

Throughout its travels, FreestyleVan is meant to be a resource for frugal vanlife living and as encouragement to others who live—or want to live—the vanlife.

If you want to know more about FreestyleVan's philosophy, check out the Vanifesto. If you want to know more about FreestyleVan's adventures, check out The Journey and newsletter archive. If you want to ask me a question about living in a van, send me an email.

FreestyleVan Media

For almost a year now, FreestyleVan has been producing a free weekly gonzo newsletter about the vanlife adventures of Hokey Pokey and Okey Dokey. After almost two years on the road, FreestyleVan is moving forward with a plan to become a mobile multi-media gonzo publication.

That means more vanlife content: more videos, more photo stories, a new comic strip about a boy and his dog, and a new podcast about newsworthiness.

FreestyleVan operates through a volunteer-based subscription model. Thanks to the support of one-time donors and monthly subscribers, the van can keep going—writing, photographing, filming, and documenting. If you enjoy the content produced by FreestyleVan, please consider subscribing (via Patreon) or by making a one-time donation (via Venmo or Cash App​).