Swim Lessons

Freetown-Lakeville Aquatics Program

Swimming Levels

Parent and Child – A parent and instructor will assist with an introduction to the water in a fun and comfortable setting. This class is about helping to start early with water awareness and safety.

Level 1 – At this level, the young swimmer will be interacting with their instructor independently. With the support of the instructor, they will become more comfortable with the water. Becoming more comfortable with floating, submerging their head, and kicking their legs with the help of the instructor

Level 2 - At this level, the swimmers are learning to interact in the water with the guidance of their instructor. They will learn the importance of using their core and how their body position (streamline) plays a role in swimming. They will begin more detailed instruction on Freestyle and Backstroke.

Level 3 - At this level, the swimmers should be swimming without the assistance of the instructor. They will continue to learn the importance of body position (streamline). They will be getting more detailed instruction in Freestyle and Backstroke. Breaststroke, Butterfly, and turn work will be introduced. Proper technique will be reinforced throughout.