West Freehold School

PBS Recognition System

PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support. It is a school-wide recognition system with a consistent set of behavioral expectations and language that will be present throughout the school. This includes, the classrooms, related arts, auditorium, hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, playgrounds, and buses. All students will know what is expected of them regardless of the setting. Every adult will be expecting our students to “Be the 3: Ready, Kind, Safe.”

How Does PBS Work?

Students will receive celebration coupons from staff members when being Ready, Kind, or Safe in a variety of settings. Coupons are filled out by the student and placed in a grade level container.

Each Friday, 8 students are chosen to have their names recognized over the loudspeaker. Two of those eight students will be chosen as grand prize winners and will get to pick a prize from our school choice board.

What Else Does PBS Do?

PBS encourages students to be kind and helpful to one another through a variety of activities.

Students have grade level buddies where older kids work with younger ones.

School-wide assemblies are put on encouraging hard work, kindness, and responsibility.

WFS pride is promoted through dress-up days throughout the year.

School-wide community service activities will be available at different points throughout the year.