Welcome to MWES PBS!

What is PBS?

Our PBS framework helps support this mission. PBS stands for Positive Behavior Support. PBS is a consistent school-wide model which defines, teaches, and recognizes positive student behavior. Through the use of positive, proactive, and practical interventions, PBS strives to produce socially desired behaviors among our students. Our school acknowledges, recognizes, and celebrates students' success for being KIND, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and SAFE by giving Elton Eagle tickets.

Elton’s Expectations

Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Safe


Everyone (students and staff) at M.W.E.S is expected to be Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Safe

Students are specifically taught what Kind, Respectful, Responsible, Safe looks like in different settings.

Teachers and staff are always on the lookout for students following Elton’s Expectations. When they notice students following the expectations, he/she may get an Elton Eagle. If the whole class is following the expectations, the class may earn a Soaring Eagle.

Each Friday, teachers draw two names, and if your child's name is chosen, he/she will choose a prize from the classroom menu.

On the last Friday of the month, all tickets will be placed in containers in the office and two winners per house will be chosen.

REMEMBER, to receive an Elton Eagle or a Soaring Eagle, you must be Kind, Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.