Ms. Taddeo

All of the students have settled into fourth grade and are working hard to achieve their goals! The classroom has become our home away from home! This month the students are learning various skills and strategies in each subject.

  • In reading and writing students are reading the genre realistic fiction. Realistic fiction is a narrative genre in which real characters operate in a true-to-life world. This unit of study shows students how to construct a story that is fictional, but could happen in real life. Students’ story ideas spring from the lives of well-developed characters who have the attributes and concerns of real people. This unit of reading and writing builds on the work students have done in the Personal Narrative and Launch units of study. Both are studies of narrative form, and as such, encourage the student writer to consider both structure and craft.
  • In science students are learning about energy. Students will be able to understand energy and the different forms of energy, This energy can be transferred from one material and form to another. Students will observe the effects of magnets. Students need to know that the motion of an object can be described by its speed and direction. Also, they need to understand that friction and gravity are two forces that can cause objects to change their motion.
  • In math students will develop an understanding fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators, and multiplication of fractions by whole numbers.