FreedomCares for Southwest Detroit

Reducing Health Disparities in Southwest Detroit


Freedom House Detroit is launching a new initiative under its FreedomCares program: FreedomCares for Southwest Detroit. CARES4SW provides vaccine and testing clinics and health literacy workshops. 

Cares4SW aims to:

By participating in this initiative, individuals can obtain access to free health care resources and information, so they can make informed health choices.

Who We Serve

Residents of Southwest Detroit and the surrounding immigrant, Black, Arab-American, Afro-American, Caribbean-American, Latin-American, and other New American and ethnically diverse communities. 

Free Health Care Resources

Freedom House Detroit aims to increase health literacy in Southwest communities by holding monthly Ask the Doctors sessions in collaboration with Wayne State University's Global Health Alliance and other FreedomCares Initiative Partners.

Free Vaccines

Freedom House Detroit is eliminating barriers to vaccine access by hosting FREE walk-in vaccine clinics. No identification is necessary to participate. 

Free Testing

In efforts to increase access to health screenings and tests, Freedom House Detroit is offering FREE COVID-19 testing. If you are looking for additional health screenings/tests, such as HIV or Tuberculosis testing, please fill out the questionnaire located in the Vaccine and Testing Clinics Page