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Splitting and Stacking Firewood

Description: We have some tree tops which need to be cut and stacked at previous sites, this will require use of a chainsaw and operation of a pickup truck. Adults with experience using chainsaws are necessary for this project


Repair Playground

Description: Update the current playground with wood reinforcements, a new fence could be installed around our playground and some paint would be great! Or if you're feeling creative, build a new element!


Tent Drainage Ditch

Description: We have a large white meeting tent which needs a drainage ditch. This will be a labor intensive project, best tackled by a group of teens or older.


Grounds Clean Up

Description: We need volunteers to pick up trash and litter as well as clear away brush from the lodges, trails and roads. Great project for any age!


Build Picnic Tables

Description: We can always use more picnic tables! This is a construction project with the aim to provide a few more picnic tables for guest activities.


Cutting Down Dead Trees

Description: We have a couple of dead trees which are not as aesthetically pleasing as we'd like. We need them safely cut down and removed. This will required using a chainsaw and adults with previous experience in cutting down trees.


Complete Ropes Course

Description: We need six additions for our current ropes course. This will require some construction skills and creative thinking!


Remove Collapsed Shed

Description: One of the last storms came through and blew the poor guy down! This shed is on the back 50 acres behind the pond and needs to be removed.


Clean the Ground Streams

Description: Our creeks need to be cleared of litter and trash. Bring your galloshes, great project for any ages and summertime heat!


Lodge Bunk Beds

Description: Got an itch for painting? Several heavy bunk beds need to be painted! This will make a big impact for our overnight retreat guests!

ID: VP10

Canoes and Canoe Rack Love

Description: Two canoes have holes and splits in need of repair with patches and cement. Fun project for Scouts!

ID: VP11

Restore Spring House

Description: Come on, DIY Nation! General cleaning and repair, specifically the stone foundation requires attention. This little beauty needs some love so she can stick around longer.

ID: VP12

Beautify our Buildings!

Description: Best done as a group project. Several buildings are in need of some fresh paint- for some, that will entail removing old paint first.

ID: VP13

Build and Paint Trash Barrels

Description: There are few trash receptacles on our grounds and we need a few built and paint for use by guests. Another great project for the creative... we'd love to see some cool designs!

ID: VP14

Fill Road Potholes

Description: Our roads are in need of repair, specifically holes from wear and tear. Have some teenagers that need some good old fashioned hard work? This is a great one for them!

ID: VP15

Liberty Lodge Deck

Description: We need a deck built for our Liberty Lodge, this will be a multi-day project.

ID: VP16

Dumpster Enclosure

Description: Our dumpster needs an enclosure built to protect from the elements, and improve the aesthetics of the grounds. This may be a multi-day project. Unless you're a super construction person. We know you're out there!

ID: VP17

Well System Enclosure

Description: We sure would appreciate an enclosure fencing or "pen" to be constructed to provide extra safety as well as aesthetics.

ID: VP18

Moving Day!! Office Furniture to Chapel

Description: We're moving our brain to the center of the property, and we need your help! We need furniture and materials moved into our chapel building.

ID: VP19

Eradicate Poison Ivy

Description: Anyone immune Poison Ivy? It'll be just like picking flowers for you! There are some patches of poison ivy scattered around the property, we need them removed. If the vines can’t be removed then they need to be cut and sprayed.

ID: VP20

Set up an Outdoor Sanctuary

We have some lovely pews that we have identified to be part of an outdoor sanctuary. You or your group would coat the pews in weatherproof varnish, then relocate them to a beautiful area to be used for outdoor prayer and meetings.

ID: VP21

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ID: VP100

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