District Report Card

BOARD OF TRUSTEES:Dan Pince—ChairmanShane Sanderson—Vice ChairmanPatti Griffith—TreasurerKristen Benson—ClerkKatie Becker—TrusteeDawn Leonhardt—TrusteeNick Schafer—Trustee

ADMINISTRATION:Diana Clapp - Superintendent of SchoolsBarney Lacock - Elementary PrincipalCharles Jenks - Middle/High School PrincipalBrenda Hyatt - Special Education DirectorJustin Walker - Director of Student Services

Driven by Student Success


Our purpose is to ensure high levels of learning for all students in a safe and positive environment.


We will be recognized as an exceptional school district that is driven by student success.


Goal 1: The District, School and Departments will Prepare Students to be College/Career Ready by demonstrating:

      • Growth in math and reading.
      • Achievement in math, reading, writing, and science.
      • Proficiency on district priority standards in all content areas.

Goal 2: The District, Schools and Departments will Ensure Effective and Efficient Operations by developing and implementing a:

      • Mentoring and orientation program for new employees.
      • Revised employee evaluation system.
      • System for staff development.
      • Systematic approach to review and update operational processes.
      • Cohesive Crisis Plan.

The staff, students, parents and community of Fremont County School District #6 commit to the following:

Accountability – accept responsibility to achieve goals by monitoring progress and changing practices when supported by evidence

Collaboration – respectfully communicate and work together to achieve common goals by taking responsibility, making contributions, and supporting the decision-making process

Evidence-based - systematically collect data, review results, and make decisions based on findings to achieve goals

Innovation – open and responsive to new and diverse perspective that positively impact student learning

Integrity – responsibility to speak and act truthfully, admit our mistakes, honor our commitments, be trustworthy, and assume the best of others

Work Ethic – take personal initiative to manage time, responsibilities, resources, and talents for achieving expected results

Report Information

Wyoming School Report Cards provide information to produce a clear picture of how well Wyoming public schools are doing. Families, policy makers, and community members can use the report card to better understand how students are performing and how money is being spent in schools. The data provided also shows educators where they are succeeding and areas where they need to improve. Together, this ensures we are doing the best we can for all Wyoming students.

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