Media Lead: Cora H.

What does Media do?

Our media team strives to capture every part of our team through all our media platforms. We take great pride in the quality of media they release and the products they use. They are continually capture media that truly represents who are team is. They constantly are taking photos, capturing videos, recording podcasts, and posting to our social media platforms such as, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube. 

What kind of cameras do we use?

Name: Canon Rebel T8i

Amazon Link: Canon Rebel T8i

What do we think?

This is the camera we utilize the most. Its best features include: a clear and colored touch screen, reliable auto-focus, and  . We recommend looking into buying a few different lenses; however, the standard will do fine.

Name: Canon Rebel T7i

Amazon Link: Cannon T7i

What do we think?

We have had this camera for 1 year. The reason for buying this camera was to capture better videos. This has allowed us to put out some of the best YouTube videos that we have ever had. This camera is also WiFi capatible so we can transfer photos to our phone within seconds.

Name: Canon Rebel T6

Amazon Link: Canon Rebel T6

What do we think?

We use two of these cameras and have had great success. After one year of use they are still holding up great and have no problems. We recommend looking into buying a few different lenses; however, the standard will do fine.

The media team has been hard at work this year, they have created a weekly update on the team every week during the build season on YouTube, they create the weekly newsletters, and have introduced podcasts to the list of things they do! They have done many videos on events and keep track of all our social media.

Here is the current inventory of equipment we have for media.

Media Items

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