Marketing Lead: Kayla M.

What Does Marketing Do?

The marketing team has been striving to think outside the box in means of marketing and branding for the team. The team has been working hard to continue the team's excellence and to represent the team, fully and properly, incorporating our beliefs and motto into how and where our team is marketed. 

The 2020 marketing team created the FRC 4607, C.I.S. Branding Standards. The purpose of the branding standards is to guarantee that the team's name and logo is displayed correctly and used properly. The guide conceals the team's expectations in logo usage, font specification, robot publications, as well as, apparel branding. A copy of our branding standards is available in the resources tab of our website.

2023 Promotional Items: 

C.I.S Buttons

Charged Up Buttons

C.I.S. Sticker 

4607 Rubber Bracelet 

Charged Up Badge 

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