Engineering Lead: Lucas B.

How Does Our our CADing Team Work?

We take the guidelines that the strategy team gives the engineering department specific specifications to send out to our machining partners to get CNC machined. The CAD is where the build team can go back to when they need to know how to put it together or what specifications a part needs to be machined. This could really benefit every team with robot building and budgeting the robot robot material you use.

Team Manual

The team manual is meant to be a "one-stop shop" for on-boarding new team members and also serving as a reference for all team members. Each team member is expected to read through the manual prior to Kickoff. Team members are expected to abide by rules and processes of the manual. On a final note, the team also welcomes feedback which improves this manual. So, if you have a suggestion, speak up and help us to continuously improve! Take a look at the Team manual linked below!

Enginnering slides

Take a look at our FMEA and learn how to do it yourself.

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