Chairman's Lead:


2022- Vincent M, Kayla G, Nash S

2020 - Tristin E, Aly G, Keegan M

2019 - Mrs. Maine, Jordan G, Victoria G, Gavin M

2018 - Mrs. Maine, Blake P, Megan S, Gavin M

The Chairman's Award is the most prestigious award in FIRST Robotics Competition. The award recognizes a team that reflects sustained excellence and impact within the FIRST community, in its own community, and beyond. These teams act as ambassadors by sharing their legacy as Hall of Fame members.

They serve as role models and resources for other teams while educating the public in support of the FIRST mission. The Chairman’s Award preserves the vision that FIRST Robotics Competition is about more than just building robots; it’s also building the people who will change the world.

This year, our Chairman's team is composed of 3 students: Vincent Martin, Kayla Gruenes, and Nash Super. Our coaches Alex Jurek and Mark Kolbinger have assisted us in the writing of the executive summaries, the essay, and in preparing us for our presentation.

In four years, our team won the Chairman’s Award at the North Star Regional, 10,000 Lakes Regional, Lake Superior Regional, and Northern Lights Regional.