Primary Interventionist

Welcome to my web page!

My name is Ms. Karger and I am the primary interventionist serving grades K -3 here at Frazee-Vergas Elementary. My purpose is to provide strategies for teaching and supporting students in the literacy skills needed to learn to read, read to learn, and comprehend.

My responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate and facilitate the school’s K - 3 literacy intervention program.
  • Collaborate with teachers to identify the literacy needs of students, to set learning goals and targets, and to problem solve with teachers to develop best practices for continuous academic growth of students in literacy.
  • Assist teachers with the collection of data, analysis of data results, and support the sharing of findings with all staff.
  • Review student achievement and assist with placing students in appropriate reading and math intervention and support services.
  • Teach targeted literacy intervention to small groups of students daily using research-based strategies and resources.
  • Meet regularly with the classroom teacher to plan literacy instruction that correlates with the individual student’s needs or as requested by the classroom teacher.
  • District STAR Assessment Coordinator.

Thanks for your support & please contact me with any questions!

Fundamental Purpose: High levels of learning for ALL!