Mrs. Kirk

9th Grade English

"I speak for those children who cannot speak for themselves, children who have absolutely nothing but their courage and smiles, their wits and their dreams."  Audrey Hepburn 

Meet your teacher

Why didn't you tell me it's this HOT here? Just kidding! Although we are new to Franklin, we are not new to Texas.  12 years ago we were transferred to Iowa, and now we are BACK! 

My name is Stefanie Kirk and I teach 9th grade English.  Freshman are my FAVS... I also coach FHS JV Cheer.  I am a native Chicagoan, so I talk really funny and fast. I also LOVE English Bulldogs. 

I am EXCITED to start my 23rd year of teaching as a LION.

Bachelor of Science Degree -  Criminal Justice

Master of Teaching w/ Certification 

Masters in Literature

Franklin High School English Department  Email: