Frank's values


  1. I read books because I am curious to learn more.
  2. I used social media such as Twitter because I like to learn from other people.
  3. I like to ask questions.


  1. I share openly on the Internet various kinds of inspiration / research / publications.
  2. I share Life stories openly.
  3. The logo of Frank Calberg Services was designed in an open design process.


  1. I like to develop and share ideas.
  2. I like to use inspiration from different areas such as photography music and green areas to increase diversity of thought.
  3. I develop, share and use creative thinking methods.
  4. I like to test, for example, user experiences to help increase learning and innovation.


  1. I make an effort to update publications.
  2. I make an effort to encourage the user / learner to choose as many things as possible himself / herself, for example what he / she wants to learn, when he / she wants to learn, and where he / she wants to learn.


I like to serve people and give a hand in various situations. An example: Helping out at clean-up-day.