francisco romão


director | cam. op. | editor & aspiring producer

THE ONE FOR ME - thriller short film (2019)

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A man decides that it is time to change the state of his current relationship after meeting a new girl. But after all it is revealed that the man has darker desires than expected.

TERRA ARDIDA - documentary film (2018)

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PRÉMIOS SOPHIA 2019 - WINNER (sophia student category) PRÉMIOS SOPHIA ESTUDANTE 2018 - 3rd PLACE WINNER (documentary category)SHORT OF THE YEAR 2019 - Special Jury MentionENCONTROS DE CINEMA DE VIANA DO CASTELO 2018 - Selected (Primeiro Olhar Award)


After all the fires that ravaged Portugal in the year 2017, there was one that personally touched me. The fire that partially destroyed a small village called Fajão, in Pampilhosa da Serra, north of Portugal. This is my grandmother's village, a place where I have been vacationing since I was a child, and until this year had been spared the immense fires that the inhabitants attribute to Our Lady of Guia, a Catholic invocation that is said to have protected the village several times. In what state will the village now be and how will the few inhabitants be? Why did faith fail this time?

Showreel '18

This showreel presents some of the work I've done last year (2018) as a director, director of photography, editor, colourist and camera operator.

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