Work Experiences

Since the beginning of my first course in cinema and tv production I took every little work experience I could. Some of those were college projects, events, festivals, short films, competitions or projects for clients. From the differents projects I would like to highlight the opportunity I had to be part of the crew of a feature film named Dishonoured which was shot in Boston and around Holbeach, doing job roles such as runner, camera and sound assistant.

The following are some of the projects I've been involved in:

  • DocLisboa '18 as part of Juri | Lisbon, October 2018
  • DocLisboa '17 | Lisbon, October 2017
  • Festival do Silêncio | Lisbon, October 2017
  • NOS Alive Festival | Lisbon, July 2017
  • EDPR Rec>On Competition | Lisbon, April 2017
  • Starburst Film Festival | Manchester, August 2016
  • Bryan Ferry concert in the Burghley House | Peterborough, Jun 2016
  • Short film "Green Channel" for the Sci-fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge | London, April 2016
  • "MJC Live Lounge" | Peterborough, 2016
  • "Performing Arts Festival" | Peterborough, December 2015
  • "Shloppy © " children series | Huntingdon, 2015/2016
  • Promotional video "Royal Ballet - Nutcracker" | London, 2015
  • "Minevention ©" convention | Peterborough, 2015
  • Feature film "Dishonoured" | Boston/Holbeach, May 2015 to Jan 2016
  • Short film "Hurrah" for the 60 Hours Challenge | Peterborough, Oct 2015
  • Promotional video for the project "Film4All" | Oct 2015
  • "Bitziboos ©" children series | Huntingdon, 2015 to 2016
  • Live event "Hair & Makeup Showcase" | Peterborough, Jun 2015
  • "Funemployed" series | London 2015
  • "Truckfest ©" festival | May 2015 and 2016
  • Pilot series "Digital Pilots" | Huntingdon, 2015
  • Promotional video "Motivational Sport Maker" | March 2015

Adastra Development/ Magic2Media

I started with Magic2Media on a work experience as trainee camera/sound operator and a few months later I was a regular member of various production teams including the Stop Frame/Live Action Bitziboos show. As a result of working with this company for several months I was able to join them at The Royal Opera House as a camera assistant on a project.

Dishonoured - Feature Film

I also had the opportunity to be part ofthe crew of a feature film shot in around Holbeach, named Dishonoured, doing job roles such as runner, camera and sound assistant.

I have gained many experience by taking part on college projects and events.

On live events.

I've part of the screen crew at Truckfest Peterborough in 2015 and 2016.