During the 2018-2019 school year, DMCA began implementation of a new initiative to enhance student STEM and reading opportunities through state-of-the art environmental lab equipment, literature and customized programming in partnership with Saint Francis University.

New lab equipment includes weather stations, air quality monitors and solar panels at each of DMCA's three campuses. Students collect and analyze the data from these devices.

Each campus has been equipped with a new “library” of sustainability literature, with books that discuss energy and the environment for grades Pre-K-8.

Project News

2018-2019 in Review

Students participated in 950+ contact hours of supplementary STEM, math and reading activities.

April - Sustainability Labs

Students engaged in energy, recycling, composting and other sustainability-themed activities.

Care for Creation

“Let us be protectors of Creation… protectors of one another and of the environment.”

- Pope Francis

Project Partners

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy

Saint Francis University Institute for Energy

DMCA Faculty Planning Team

Mr. Jesse Cooper

Mrs. Marian Cyburt

Mrs. Mary Fleck

Mrs. Jennifer Jones

Mr. Justine Ogline

Mrs. Barbara Regula

Ms. Shannon Stephens

Ms. Bev Struble

Ms. Margaret Sindleri

DMCA Administration

Mrs. Rosemary Batzel

Mrs. Patty Gable

Mr. Rick Huffman

Mrs. Mary Jo Podratsky

Mr. Thomas Smith

SFU Staff

Mrs. Allison Rohrs

Mr. Michael Sell

SFU Interns

Ms. Ashley Astle

Ms. Shannon Cody

Ms. Emily Haupt

Ms. Megan Shingler

Ms. Kassidy Troxell