About Me

Hello! My name is Kailey, and I am currently a junior at Farmington High School.

Having a strong interest in the sciences, as a part of my Capstone Science Research project, I am investigating the active role of centrosomes and centrioles in cells. Specifically, I am concentrating on HeLa cells and how their mitotic cell division process is altered or interrupted when treated with various inhibitors. I am working towards forming conclusions as to how HeLa cell inhibition can potentially contribute to the ongoing field of cancer research. In addition to my love for molecular science, I am also interested in the Visual Arts. I am currently in the process of putting together a 2D visual arts portfolio to submit to College Board as well as college in the future. I love working with various paint and pencil mediums, as well as mix-media. My parents are a combination of passion for the sciences and arts, and following in their footsteps, I am actively involved in both areas.

In my free time, I am just another high school student in Connecticut. I love to eat out with friends, spend time watching Netflix, and sleep in on the weekends. Sometimes, I am academically motivated and focused on progressing my scientific research, and other times, I do absolutely nothing.