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How can I set up coverage for my seller?

You can enroll an HSA Home Warranty through:

WEB: own.onlinehsa.com

Phone: 800-367-1448

Contact your local Account Manager

Jacqueline Faison (NJ): 609-891-9344

Lisa Strano (PA): 610-209-9250

Tony Kinch (DE): 443-655-4126

What happens when I close without a Buyer warranty if I opted in for the HVAC coverage for the Seller?

If the home closes without a warranty no funds are due from the Buyer or Seller. We ask that you kindly contact a local Account Manager, so the contract can be cancelled.

When does the coverage become available to my Buyer?

Coverage for the Buyer is effective as of the settlement date.

What does the 7 Star Upgrade add?

The 7 Star Upgrade is a buyer only option. It provides additional coverage for HVAC, Plumbing, Modifications, Permits and much more. Please refer to HSA Warranty Brochure for complete details or reach out to your local Account Manager.

How can I set up/renew coverage on my own home?

Please reach out to your local Account Representative and they will have it enrolled or renewed for you.

If we don’t add a warranty can the buyers add one later?

Yes, the Buyers have up to 30 days from the settlement date to enroll coverage or up to 60 days post-closing to add any additional Buyer options.

How do I cancel a listing if the buyer declines coverage?

Notify your local Account Representative.

The Buyer already has a warranty though HSA/AHS how do I set up coverage for the new buyer?

It is best to contact your local Account Representative for assistance to make sure Buyers coverage plan is set up correctly and the Sellers plan is cancelled.

Can buyer renew their coverage?

Yes, buyer's can renew their coverage.

Can I as the Realtor pay for the warranty?

Yes, a realtor can pay for the warranty.

Who pays the premium at closing the seller or buyer?

That is typically decided between the Seller/Buyer or Agents.

Can the premium be paid at closing?

Yes, that is typically when payments are made.

Does the seller pay for the coverage upfront at time when property is enrolled for coverage?

No funds are collected until settlement date.

Does the seller pay the seller option fee upfront?

No, the seller does not pay the seller option upfront.

If the seller withdraws coverage is the seller option fee due?

No, the fee is not due.

What is the mailing address to mail the premium check?


P.O. Box 2803

Memphis, TN 38101

Need more information? Click the link below to submit your question to an HSA representative!

Contact a Representative

Carolyn Mann
email: carolyn.mann@ahs.com
phone: 484-429-8073

New Jersey:
Jacqueline Faison
email: jacqueline.faison@ahs.com
phone: 609-891-9344

Tony Kinch
email: tony.kinch@ahs.com