Fox C-6 Summer of Learning 2019

This website provides an overview of professional learning opportunities available to Fox C-6 educators during the summer of 2019.

Registration information: Registration will open on Wednesday, APRIL 3RD at 4:00PM. Registration for all in-district Summer of Learning PD events will close on JUNE 1ST AT 4:00PM. Teachers should register for the events through the links on this site.

Space in all Summer of Learning events is limited and teachers will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

College Credit

All college credits are offered through Missouri Baptist University at the discounted rate of $127 a credit hour. One hour courses will have grades posted by the end of summer semester, whereas three hour courses require classroom implementation and will not be posted until the end of the fall semester. You will receive registration information and a syllabus at the PD session.

Do you need childcare during Summer PD? The Fox C-6 Community Outreach Program offers a variety of reasonably priced summer camps throughout the month of July. Click here to learn more about this summer's offerings.

All summer PD events are BYOTL: Bring Your Own Teacher Laptop

**Paraprofessionals and teachers aides are welcome to apply for Summer of Learning PD events; however, priority will be given to classroom teachers if PD events reach their attendance capacity. If a PD opportunity does not include a stipend, the District will pay for registration fees, but paraprofessionals and aides will not be paid for their time. For those opportunities that do include a stipend, paraprofessionals and aides will be paid a stipend.

Stay Connected all Summer!

This summer, continue to share what, where, and how you are growing by learning out loud and sharing ideas, resources, and teaching tips from our summer learning on Twitter using #C6Learns.