Sponsor FAQ

Event Timeline for Sponsors

April 9 - Deadline for Sponsor speaker registration (Abstracts, headshots, logos, etc.)
April 30 - Deadline for delivery of Sponsor speaker presentations

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many tickets do sponsors get?

A: Unlimited - Invite all your friends! We are taking advantage of the fact that B|Sides Vancouver is online this year and we don't have to deal with capacity limits on our venue. Tickets will be free and available to everyone.

Q: What kind of speakers should we provide?

A: Because BSides Vancouver is virtual this year, we are hoping that sponsors can take the opportunity to bring in speakers who would not normally be approved for travel. This is a technical conference and many of our attendees have a deep technical background. This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to showcase their technology and have an engineer talk about some of the cool things that they're doing behind the scenes.

Q: What format are the presentations this year?

A: We're asking everyone to submit pre-recorded videos of their presentations. The presenter will be present and available to answer questions via text during the recording as well as for live Q&A following the presentation.

Q: Are seed questions needed for the Q&A?

A: Seed questions can be optionally provided to fill in the gaps between audience questions.

Q: What platform will the event be using?

A: We will be using a combination of Discord (for voice and text) and Twitch/YouTube (for video). We will have a virtual sponsor hall where attendees will be able to chat directly with our Sponsors. We definitely recommend making sure that a technical resource is on hand to answer the tough questions.

Q: Will presentations be available after the event?

A: Yes! As long as we have permission from the speaker, we will be recording each presentation and will be putting them up on our YouTube channel.