BSides Vancouver is a week-long cybersecurity conference run by the community for the community. We strive to provide a platform for our community to collaborate, share ideas and learn.

Important Dates


This year our theme is "The Internet of People". We are looking for great talks, workshops, and villages from the community in any of the following domains:

How B|Sides Vancouver Selects Talks?

Acceptance to speak at BSides Vancouver is entirely based on the value your talk will provide to the conference audience.

That decision is made independently from any implied, proposed or agreed upon sponsorship. This helps the conference remain as vendor-neutral as a sponsored event can be, without losing value to either the sponsors or the merit of the conference itself. In the past employees or representatives of a sponsoring company have been both accepted to speak and rejected from speaking as well as requested to speak.

If the only way you can speak/take off work is to represent your employer that's fine, but please keep in mind what BSides Vancouver is about before submitting your talk. The best way you can positively represent your company is by giving an intelligent talk that provides educational value to the audience about some product or concept your employment has given you expertise on. This can be accomplished in many productive ways when focused on the training/engineering/thinking side rather than the sales side. Be prepared to be challenged during and after your talk by the audience. Talks that can stand up to questioning are far more memorable in a positive way than ones that can't. Hands-on education of something that works amazingly well is encouraged, but also expect some unsolicited advice if it does not.