Denver Water Amateur Radio Club

DWARC Repeaters:

  • Kenwood Analog 147.210 + Tone 100 ( Tone is encoded on the output as well)
  • Yaesu Digital Fusion 448.350 - (AMS is enabled; repeater will detect Analog or Digital)
    • When using an Analog radio use 225.7 tone. Tone is encoded on the output if you want to use Tone SQl
    • When using Yaesu Digital use Dsq 00, this is default for open to everyone.

Repeaters are located at Denver Water's Moffat Treatment Plant in Lakewood, CO with a 150' tower, elevated on a hill above all structures and trees. The site has very good coverage around Denver and suburbs with recorded coverage as far North as Erie, South as Parker, East as DIA, and West as Idaho Springs.


Denver Water Amateur Radio Club (DWARC) KD0SSP support and facilitates communications with Denver Water using Amateur Radio. In the event of traditional communications disruption Denver Water staff will monitor these repeaters for water related emergencies. To maintain a high level of preparedness, skills and capability, DWARC also supports community events, other agencies communications needs, and to practice good communications skills to test equipment regularly.

Weekly NETS are held every Monday at 7:30 PM Local on 147.210 repeater. All licensed armature radio operators are encouraged to check-in.

NET Status: Active as scheduled (if NET is canceled it will be published here)

These repeaters are open for use by any Licensed Amateur Radio Operator, but if the repeaters would be used for reoccurring nets or exercises, or for any other information please send email to mark.thomas@denverwater.org.