CCNet Europe

November 2017, Spain

The Conservation Coaches Network aims to improve conservation by empowering people to develop, implement, evaluate, adapt and share effective strategies that achieve tangible conservation results benefitting both people and nature all over the world.

CCNet seeks to improve the effectiveness of project teams working to protect NGO, government, and privately managed lands and waters worldwide. While ultimately our work will be evident in healthy and resilient ecosystems and in the well-being of human communities in the projects supported by Coaches, these goals lie beyond our direct sphere of influence. Therefore, the key intermediate outcome on which our efforts are focused is empowering conservation practitioners whose actions can achieve these ultimate outcomes.


CCNet Europe is organizing a combined event consisting of a New Coach Training for people knowledgable about the Open Standards who want to become Conservation Coaches, and a European Coaches Rally to exchange experiences, share innovations and learn from each other. One part of the Rally is going to be our first General Assembly and the celebration of the big step we took in becoming a registered membership-based Association CCNet Europe e.V.

You are free to join both events or choose for either one. However the Coaches Rally is for people who are already trained as Conservation Coaches - obviously including the ones who are trained during the Coach Training taking place just before the Rally. Please find detailed information, agendas, registration forms and materials on the sub-pages for both events:


6-12 NOVEMBER 2017


The MónNatura Pirineus, opened in 2002, is an Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera facility offering residential visits and activities for all, with a clear mission: to raise awareness in society through environmental education activities of sustainable development, and nature and landscape conservation.

Located in the beautiful countryside of the Valls d’Àneu, in Pallars Sobirà, the MónNatura Pirineus offers facilities unique to the Pyrenees which enable the visitor to experience life high in the mountains and to discover its attractions, with emphasis always on the culture of sustainability and providing identification and respect for the different elements that make up the landscape.


Please refer to sub-pages for more details about the New Coach Training and the European Coaches Rally. For more specific information about the General Assembly of CCNet Europe e.V. please contact:

  • Ilke Tilders: ilke[at]
  • Xavier Escute: xavi.escute[at]
  • Nicolas Boenisch: nico[at]