Jessica Fortunato 

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Certified Eating Disorder Specialist


If you've found me for the first time, or if we've worked together before, I'm glad that you're here.  

You're obviously taking the first step to bettering yourself.  And that in and of itself is quite a feat.

But I know the next step of reaching out can be terrifying, so I'm hoping that as you explore my site you will find information that makes you feel a little more comfortable about contacting me. 

Let me start by telling you why I got into counseling in the first place.

Growing up, I went to a number of counselors myself, some fantastic and some terrible.  The terrible ones left me thinking, "Maybe I should be a counselor because I can definitely do this better than them".  While the fantastic ones made me feel seen, feel heard, and changed my life.  The amazing counselors in my own story inspired me to help others the way they've helped me.  

So here's my personal goal as a counselor - to help people feel seen and heard.  To support them as they go through the difficulties of their own life.  To be a safe space to land, a place to work out answers to their own problems, and a friendly face when the seasons they go through aren't so friendly.

I may not be everyone's "cup of tea" but if anything you read on this site appeals to you, I'm hoping you'll reach out to me.  And if after talking or meeting we aren't the right fit, I'll try to point you in the right direction.  Because no matter who that fantastic counselor might be for you, you deserve to find them.

Wishing you the best on the journey ahead.