Fortine Middle School

Hello Parents,

Can you believe it's now well into January? I know, I can't either. But, we are heading into the final weeks of the first semester. Just to clarify, when your student brought home their mid-term progress report, I had not entered "0" in any missing assignments giving them extra time to turn those in, so...if they do not turn those in, their missing assignments will be "O" and that could drastically change their grades. They can check all of their work in Google Classroom.

We've got a lot of fun snow-educational school work going on in January. I incorporate many of these field trips into our science curriculum, PE and Health, and social emotional wellbeing.

I did send home a permission slip for Ice Skating, but we changed the dates in order to not have ice-skating, and skiing back to back; didn't want those leg muscles to be overworked. So, we are actually ice skating on the 13th!

Next, we will have Avalanche training on January 19th (permission slip going home next week). Night skis are Friday, January 21 and February 4 and a full day skiing on February 11th. We will also be ice fishing in February as well.

The Trego Thanksgiving fundraiser gifted our school $400 which helped us to buy snowshoes that we can use during our school day. We tried them out today and everyone was laughing, got outside, breathed in some fresh air and exercised. I love the fact that we have the freedom to get our students out of their seats, learning about the amazing area and community we live in. What a privilege to teach here!

Again, your children bring me great joy...and group hugs before the end of each day. I am honored to be able to work with each and every one. Yep, truly I am.

Please, any questions feel free to email me and I'll reply just as soon as I can.

Thank you,

Carrie Sorensen