About The Teacher


This is my first year teaching and I am honored that I am able to teach in a place I call home. I was raised in Eureka, surrounded by family. I graduated from the University of Montana with my Bachelors Degree in K-8 Elementary Education. From a young age I knew that I wanted to work with children and that teaching was the job for me. That being said, this area has many outdoor activities that I love to take advantage of. I enjoy going camping, boating, swimming, hiking, taking drives in the mountains, sledding, and looking for wildlife.

My commitment to students: offer a safe and nurturing environment, offer and demand respect, be a positive role model, clearly articulate goals and expectations, give encouragement and praise, offer compassion and guidance, maintain a sense of humor, inspire and promote creativity, listen, be patient and fair, have acceptance for all and the list goes on.

Teaching is my passion and I am dedicated to your child's learning!

Let’s have a fantastic and fun school year!