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Sponsored by the Northern Nevada Writing Project, this site is incredibly comprehensive on the subject of teaching writing using author studies, 6 traits, mentor texts and prompts.

6 Trait Lessons for primary grades.

Includes lessons for writing using mentor texts.


Atomic Learning offers solutions for professional development, technology integration and software training and support that simplify educational technology.

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Learn it in 5 is a library of how-to videos, produced by technology teachers, for the purpose of helping teachers and students create classroom strategies for today's 21st century's digital classroom.

A wonder tutorial for young students on using the mouse and keyboard.

A beginner's guide to using the Internet by the BBC.

This site includes ideas and directions for project-based learning and digital literacy.

The toolkit will help align CCSS curricula with the Framework for 21st Century Skills.

A new social network designed for teachers that is designed to help them facilitate using technology in the classroom. There is lots to like here such as the group forum, community blog, and abundance of resources being shared.


Real world math lessons


A tool to share small glimpses of the past with pictures and to build up the huge story of human history.

Educators can “find and create learning activities with primary source documents that promote historical thinking skills.” Use the more than 3000 original documents from the National Archives to create rich, online learning experiences for students


Personalized, self-paced common core practice app

Make word clouds!

This free word cloud tool requires no login accounts, and has the additional bonus of offering educators the chance to save their word clouds in a variety of different jpeg resolutions. Shapes can also be used in Tagxedo including a map of the USA, fruits, animals and more.

Find all kinds of sound effects for your audio and video creations.

This is a tool to create online visual posters that are called glogs. You can add text, images, music and video to your interactive glog.

This is a tool where you can create your own cartoons/animations using a variety of tools.

Lets you create greeting cards using letters on google maps.

This is a tool to create animated pictures online.

Allows you to create your graffiti and share it online.

This is a tool for designing professional-looking flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, venn charts etc. that can be used online and offline, in and out of browser.

This is a tool to create digital storytelling using google search. You choose a video based on your search terms, add some music, then click create.

Allows you to convert text to image. This helps you to hide passwords, emails, personal messages, codes or any kind of information on a picture.

A tool to take a picture of your screen. You can decide on the size of your screen shot, upload it to your computer as a jpg or get a link for your picture. You can also make a short video of your screen by recording your voices. Jing is a great tool for creating presentation with your own voice, to show how a website works.

Videos, interactives, workshops, and distance learning are all available on this site. Need materials for your lessons? This is the place. Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts are all represented.