Revolutionary War


Colonial Hall: Biographies of the Founding Fathers

Biographies of all of the founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Each is approximately one

page long.

Thomas Paine A brief biography and the text of four of Paine's famous works.

Betsy Ross Homepage

Why Ross was selected to make the flag, how she cut

a five-point star, and directions of cutting your own

five-point star. Works great in classroom discussions!


Boston Tea Party

This site has a lot of information about the American

Revolution, including the Boston Tea Party.

Colonial Hall

Includes biographies and documents of Early America.

Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Liberty : the American Revolution

Produced by PBS, this site offers teachers and students multimedia information

about the American Revolution, as well as, links to other great sites!

Timeline of the American Revolution

Timeline of the Revolution by PBS that includes links to further information.

The American Revolution

A site maintained by Social Studies for Kids - includes other topics for

social studies and history.


Archiving Early America: Historic Documents from 18th Century America

A unique array of original newspapers, maps, and writings

come to life on your screen just as they appeared to our

forebears more than 200 years ago. There is information

about the documents as well.