It's Great to Be A Longhorn... SCIENTIST

  • In order to letter you must have 2 years on the Lambert Sci Oly team meeting the following requirements.
    • General Meetings: Minimum attendance of 10
    • Volunteer hours: You must volunteer at least four times with the SFMS and help their students prepare for SciOly events.
    • Competitions: You must attend ALL invitational and regional competitions (you may volunteer or compete at the LHS invitational.)
      • South Forsyth High School (10/12)
      • Lambert High School Invitational (11/9)
      • Brookwood High School Invitational (1/18)
      • Regional (2/22)
    • Event Preparation hours: You are responsible for meeting a minimum of 8 hours outside of our regular club meeting to prepare for events. This includes: designing and working on builds, working through old event tests, building your binder, etc. A supervising adult must sign off on the hours (teacher, parent, coach, etc.)
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