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Event Captain: Sishnukeshav Balamurali


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Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Earth & Space Science Page. This page will contain all the information pertaining the events of Earth Science including Group Meetings, Event Descriptions, and other important information. If you have any questions please reach out to me through GroupMe or Email

Earth and Space Science Events:

Event Descriptions:

Astronomy: This event will tackle concepts from Steller Evolution and Variability to Orbital Physics as they go to the stars!

Dynamic Planet: This event will tackle concepts relating to Earth's Fresh Waters covering rivers, streams, lakes, discharge and other freshwater hydrological features/concepts

Remote Sensing: This event tackles Satellite Imagery, Instrumentation, and Data Analysis as concepts also cover Climate Change Processes affecting the globe.

Rocks and Minerals: This event tackles the identification of Rocks and Minerals along with physical and chemical properties