Asset Poverty is a condition in which an individual or a family doesn't have three months worth of living expenses set aside in savings.

Those experiencing asset poverty are at a higher risk of facing a major life disruption or crisis associated with certain unexpected expenses.

Did you Know?

Asset Poverty is different from poverty in general and it affects more Forsyth County residents than you might think.

  • 39% of Winston-Salem households are experiencing asset poverty
  • 22% of Forsyth County households live in extreme asset poverty

Are you making an impact?

If you have an existing program or an idea for a new program to take action around the issue of asset poverty, local data can help make your grant requests and impact reporting stronger. Forsyth Futures helps local organizations find the data they need to make targeted requests -- reach out today to see how they can assist your grant-writing and reporting efforts.

What other steps can I take as a member of a service organization?

  • Build awareness around the community impact of asset poverty in your networks.
    • Reach out and invite an ABC member to present to your Board, staff, or stakeholder group.
  • Participate in the ABC's advocacy efforts.
    • Reach out to the ABC to discuss how to best coordinate and align your organizations resources and activities to support community-wide asset-building goals.
    • There's a lot that non-profits can do to advocate for smart local policies and funding decisions; the ABC is working to make these activities clear and simple for our non-profit colleagues.
  • Join the ABC as a collaborative member.
    • Work with us to define and discover novel asset building strategies.
  • Familiarize yourself with the community resources that are relevant to people experiencing Asset Poverty