Asset Building Coalition of Forsyth County

Does your household have enough savings to meet your basic needs, including food, utilities, and housing, for three months?


That's good news! Did you know that 39% of households in Forsyth County do not have three months of resources set aside? This is called Asset Poverty and it has a big impact on our community overall.


You've taken an important step in understanding your household's financial situation. Building a plan to set aside money is a great next step, and will help a lot if something unexpected happens, like a job loss or health crisis.


Understanding your household's financial situation is the first step in being prepared for an unexpected life event like a job loss or health emergency.

Those who don't have three months' of household living expenses set aside are experiencing a condition called Asset Poverty. Did you know:


of Winston-Salem households are experiencing asset poverty


of Forsyth County households live in extreme asset poverty


of Forsyth County residents have subprime credit scores


of Winston-Salem renters are cost-burdened


of Winston-Salem low-income residents are uninsured


of Forsyth County single parent households live in asset poverty

Our entire community benefits when we build assets and save. What role can you play?

What impact does asset poverty have on the broader Forsyth County community?


Asset Building strategies help people gain and manage financial means. Benefits of Asset Building include:

Provides a safety net in times of financial crisis such as job loss or a health emergency.

Can help prevent long-term financial hardships such as foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Provides financial stability and economic opportunity.

Enables key, long-term investments, such as buying a home, starting a business or pursuing further education and training.

The Asset Building Coalition supports strategic initiatives in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County that are designed to help individuals, families, and the community overall become more resilient to asset poverty by encouraging asset-building behaviors and activities.

Tue, November 12, 2019

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST

The Enterprise Conference and Banquet Center

922 South Martin Luther King Junior Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27107

Join the ABC and other community partners on November 12 to learn how the benefits cliff negatively affects our entire county and build a pathway to shared prosperity.

Solutions will require a collaborative effort among business, government, nonprofit, and grassroots leaders. All members of our community are encouraged to attend this event to have a seat at the table and take action with us.

This is a free event. Food and childcare will be provided.