Miss. Matteson ELA 7-8

Class overview

In this class, we learn how to appreciate and write poetry, we read about people and places from around the world, we learn to write our thoughts and we are creative in showing what we have learned. Work is displayed on the Masterpiece Theater wall, and we are proud to show off our creative and artistic abilities. We laugh, we have fun, we treat each other with kindness, along with learning new and interesting things on a daily basis.



About me

I decided to become a teacher because, well, you all keep me young. I appreciate seeing the gears turn in your minds as you think about what you just learned, experiencing new ideas, and yet you still think I am cool enough to high-five in the halls. To teach is to enjoy being around all of you first and foremost. Having students that make you want to come to work everyday is what motivates me and encourages me to show you new and exciting things, each and every day, and to see your expressions when you learned something new. 


  Please view Google Classroom daily for the days activities, notes and copies of handouts.