Realistic Fiction

The Doldrums

By: Nicholas Gannon

The Doldrums is a great realistic fiction book. But there is also a lot of action, I mean have you ever been chased around a museums by tigers and shatter priceless artifacts? Have your grandparents ever disappeared on a iceberg? If you like a good adventure then this is the book for you!-Annabelle


By: Gordon Korman

Restart is a great book. A lot of people in my class and in my grade loved this book, even my teacher loved it! It's about a boy who jumps off his roof giving himself amnesia. He has do his life all over again. Chase Ambrose has to decides if he wants to stick with his old friends or the new. Even if you do not like Gordon Korman this is a great book!-Annabelle


By: Alex Gino

George is a unique must read story about a 3rd grade boy that desperately wants to be a girl. It was written by a transqueer person so it truly tells what it is like to want to be who you are. It was an intense, eye opening story. I would definitely recommend it to people who are curious about recent topics.-Norah


By: Edwidge Danticat

This was a beautiful story of the difficulty of losing a loved one. It was about twins that were in a car crash and only one survived. I think that this was a great story if you are struggling to cope or knowing how to feel about loss. But if you are a person that cries over everything (Cough, Annabelle, Cough) you will be sobbing the entire time.-Norah

Out of My Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper

Out of my mind is a novel about a disabled girl who proves that she is more than she seems. You can find humor in this book as well as family and friendship. If you want to find out more about her read the book.-Lena
Out of Mind is an incredible story of a child prodigy that has cerebral palsy and can not speak, walk, or care for herself. But, she ends up being the best person on her school's academics team. Will her team member except her? Find out in this emotional story.-Norah

Some Kind of Happiness

By: Claire Legrand

Some Kind of Happiness is a sad and touching story about a girl who is dealing with depression. Her parents sent her to her grandparent house so that they could deal with 'Some problems'. While at her grandparent large house she finds a forest and it is just like the imaginary place in her journal. With the help of her cousins she tries to bring her imaginary world back to life.-Annabelle

Gorilla Dawn

By: Gill Lewis

In this touching story, a girl called Imara is taken from her family by a bloodthirsty rebel gang called the Black Mambas. She manages to convince the bloodthirsty rebel leader that she is a spirit child because she was bitten by a Black Mamba and lived. When some of the rebels come back bearing a sickly gorilla, Imara does all she can to help the gorilla. When she and her friends hear the gorilla is going to be sold to the 'White Lioness' a mysterious white woman, they do all they can to get themselves and the gorilla to safety. Will they succeed?Or will they die? Read the book to find out!-Allie

Finding Perfect

By: Elly Swartz

Finding Perfect is a great look on a girl with OCD. Molly, after her mother departs for Toronto, Canada is for ever counting, organizing and checking to make sure that everything is clean. At first she thinks that she is crazy and hides her counting, 2,4,6,8,10. This book is in first person perspective so you can see and feel on how Molly feel and copes with OCD. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good read or want to become more aware. -Annabelle

Front Desk

By: Kelly Tang

Mia and her parents are managers at the Calivista Motel, while her parents cleaned all the rooms she ran the front desk. While other kids may be more fortunate than her family she tried as best as she could to fit in. She has seen people being racist while a car was "stolen". Mia saw how hard life was and wishes to go back to China, though her mom says they are freer in America. I learned there are still terrible things that need to be worked on in America even though it is better than other countries.-Lena

Where the Watermelons Grow

By: Cindy Baldwin

Della has trouble believing that her Mom has schizophrenia. Della tries to "cure" her mom with magic honey that the bee lady used to heal Della's grandfather's leg. Della's dad talks on the phone with her grandpa on how the farm is going and how it's going with a massive drought that has followed its way into the farm. In time Della has to realize that she has to accept her mother just as she is.-Lena

The Way to Bea

By: Kat Yeh

While a girl struggles with the cold, hard new environment known as middle school and in this new environment everything is changing she embarrassed her best friend who had turned a cold shoulder on her, she doesn't know what to do. Over the course of the book she also realizes that change can be good. When I read this it always leaves me feeling happy.-Norah

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

By: Stacy McAnulty

This was a great book. It was about a girl that was hit by lightning and hadn't been to public school since. One day her "Nana" surprises her with a whole year of public school. Lucy the main character is actually a mathematical genius. While in public school she tries to fit in though may not be succeeding. This is a great book to read and you should definitely read it.-Annabelle

Counting by 7s

By: Holly Goldberg Sloan

Counting by 7s was a great book and insight on a girl that is coping with new changes in her life not at all great. Willow the main character is a genius. She loves plants. So when she has to leave her home it may feel to her like the end of the world. You will love this book and read it over and over again.-Annabelle