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YA- Realistic Fiction

Boy Meets Boy

By: David Levithan

I adored this book! It is hilarious, brilliant, and every other good adjective ever! Everyone should read this book! It is set it a small town that is very close to a utopia for all LGBTQ+ people. It has two main plotlines. The narrator, a gay teen boy who is in the center of a love triangle and trying to figure that out. The other plot line focuses on the main character's friend Tony. Tony lives just outside of the amazing town. He is gay but his parents refuse to except him. His storyline is all about standing up to his parents, he does this in a truly admirable way but I won’t spoil.
This book is so funny I was cracking up the entire time I was reading it. The high school has motorcycling cheerleaders, their homecoming queen is a transgender drag queen named Infinite Darlene who is also the star quarterback. Finally, their GSA was created to teach straight kids how to dance. I mean, literary gold!
I think is is really important to mention that homophobia and transphobia, and biphobia are not excluded from this book, they just don’t take the center stage like they usually do in LGBTQ+ novels. Also, biphobia is actually mentioned which is huge!
One last thing, I read the 10th anniversary edition which has a author Q&A in the back as well as a Infinite Darlene short story which was incredible. I would highly recommend trying to get the 10th anniversary edition if you want to read this.-Norah


By: Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is an amazing, relatable book! The main character has anxiety and is struggling with that as she goes through her freshman year of college. She’d rather sit inside and write fanfiction (the story is clearly based off of Harry Potter and the Drarry ship) then actually socialize. But as the book goes on she grows and changes with the help of her roommate, a love interest, and her twin sister. This book is an ode to fandom communities everywhere. Also, as a bonus, may I just say the love interest is… excellent!-Norah

Fan Art

By: Sarah Tregay

The adorableness, I am dying!!!!!!! This book is just, squeeeeeeeeee! A boy falls for his best friend while struggling to try and be ‘out’. The Japanese Club at his school tries to set them up. The slow burn romance is so worth it! When they finally got together is was AMAZING!!!! Basically this book was the fluffiest slow burn romance ever and it is just. I can’t even. Don’t let the cuteness fool you though, there are real discussions in this book and a interesting moral dilemma that will make you think. Would highly recommend this book!!-Norah

One of Us is Lying

This book blew my mind. It is the prequel to One of Us is Next. PLEASE do not pull a me and become impatient and read the sequel before the first. Bad mistake, but it doesn't love the book any less. The secrets will take your breath away and this author used the standard cliques and wound them into a beautiful book and murder mystery. A total must read!-Annabelle
Also, wanted to give a shout out to the awesome viewer who shared a review with us and others!

Prince Charming

By: Rachel Hawkins

I enjoyed this book, a lot. It was super good and a lot better than I expected. I'm kinda going through a phase so expect more books like this, if you like them lucky you, if not I'm sorry. The romance was well mixed in with this book and it took a different perspective as the sister of the girl who is marrying the Prince of Scotland. Hope you enjoy it!-Annabelle

The Fault in our Stars

By: John Green

The Fault in our Stars was an overall exceptional book. It takes anyone who reads it on a journey with Hazel, a cancer fighter. When Hazel starts to go to support group, she meets Gus and they very quickly become friends. This book is about their story and everything that happens as their relationship develops. Gus even uses his "wish" for Hazel, something that cancer patients get to use to do anything they want. He chooses to take Hazel to go meet her favorite author in Amsterdam. This Young Adult novel is so beautiful and can ever start a few tears. -Delaney

How We Roll

By: Natasha Friend

This book deserves a 5 out of 5 stars! A incredible story of two teens who have been through a lot, are dealing with a lot. One has alopecia, the other is an above the knee amputee. Both believe the world is out to get them and everything is against them, and at times it is. They bond over this and together grow and change. It was a unique take on the classic, everything is changing how do I deal story-line.-Norah

I am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

By: Erika Sanchez

I loved this book. This is a mature, so ask, but good all the same. Erika Sanchez made this book focus on one idea but brings in tons. The book highlights the following, ethnicity, mental health, and immigrants. The amount of beauty and diversity in this book is amazing. I recommend this to any one that is really willing to read a good book.-Annabelle
This book was amazing! Definitely wait until you're older to read, or ask your parents. I would highly recommend this book. It is a very honest story that focuses on hard topics like, immigration, death, mental health, and being a minority. The cast of characters is extremely diverse in race, ethnicity, and sexuality. Characters butt heads for extremely different opinions. This book makes to question what you believe, and makes you think hard.-Norah

One of Us is Next

By: Karen M. McManus

This was a great book. You definitely need to read the One of Us is Lying, first because if you don't it will pretty much spoil that book. The book was well developed and I mean the secrets they say they will catch by surprise so hard. I loved this book and would totally recommend this read. -Annabelle

Turtles All the Way Down

By: John Green

This book was great. It was probably not my favorite and I originally read it thinking it was a mystery. The mystery aspect of the book was highly disappointing to me though. It was made around the mysterious disappearance of a billionaire. It was far more of learning about a girl who has OCD, and how she pretty much falls in love with the son of the billionaire Davis. John Green did a great jobs implementing her struggles, and I think this is a wonderful read. -Annabelle
This book was hard to read. Not because of the story or because I didn't understand it. But because John Green so successfully wrote how it feels when your anxiety spirals out of control. The story itself is okay, not amazing. But the way John Green makes you feel like you are the main character having a panic attack and truly makes you understand the perpetual anxiety that some people suffer from is incredible. This book was difficult emotionally and the story is not good enough to where you NEED to suffer through this book emotionally. But if you want a angsty, sad read. This is a book for you.-Norah

Wild Bird

By: Wendelin Van Draanen

Wild bird is a short book, but that doesn't mean I enjoyed it any less! Fair warning: this book mentions drug and alcohol use. The main character Wren Clemens has a problem with this and is sent to wilderness camp in the desert. The wilderness camp is like a therapy camp. She's angry and bitter when she gets there, blaming everyone but herself. This book is full of emotion, I could tell what the character was thinking and feeling. You must read this book to know what happens! I really loved this book, it kept me entertained and it was never a dull moment! -Lena

We Were Liars

By: E. Lockhart

I would like to say that I completely understood this book, but no. I mean most of it, but it really just made me angry and not in a bad way. The book was beautifully written and the characters were great. I was stunned and I mean stunned by the climax. Pretty much they were alive, then they were dead, and apparently they were dead the entire time. The book when it comes to whether or not I cried. Yes yes I did. It was like sobbing tears running down my face. That book hit a nerve, and the author is AMAZING when talking about grief. Because in the end the book was about gref, guilt and coming to terms with yourself and that it'd not your fault. I loved this book, but I hated it. I recommend it 100%.-Annabelle

Beverly, Right Here

By: Kate Dicamillo

This book is about a girl named Beverly, running away from home and trying to make things work on her own, but the people living near her are making it hard. I really liked the characters in this book and how they developed. In the beginning of the book the book, Beverly was dull, trying to avoid as much human-interaction as possible. But as the book went on, she slowly turned into a more friendly and social person. I also liked how the author turned a story that felt a little boring at first, into something very interesting just from Beverly's thoughts and interactions. I would definitely recommend this book to readers who like a more calm and heartfelt story.-Jessie

Every Last Word

By: Tamara Ireland Stone

Every Last Word is a book about a teen girl, named Samantha, and her everyday struggles with OCD. Samantha goes to high school, and tries to be as normal as possible, especially around her popular and toxic friend group. Samantha meets a girl named Caroline, and she introduces Sam to a poetry club in the basement of their school, and Samantha slowly starts to open up to the members and befriend them. I liked that this book had a main character with a mental illness, because I feel like those types of people are easily overlooked, but I feel like the book could of represented the topic better. The book gave off a "romance fixes everything" vibe, which isn't always true. Other than that, it was a good read, with nice character development. I would recommend this book. (There is some mild language and mature parts in this book.)-Jessie

Everything, Everything

By: Nicola Yoon

This book is the prefect medical romance. Teenager, Maddy has a disease know as Bubble Baby disease, or SCID. This pretty much means that her immune system sucks and she can't leave her house or she would get sick and die. When Olly moves in, her new neighbor, things start to change. They become friend and Maddy starts to want things she knows he can't have. This heart wrenching book is full of love, sacrifice, and disappointment with an amazing plot twist at the end. If you're searching for a great new book, I recommend. Please know this book is a YA (Young Adult) novel.-Delaney

My Sister Rosa

By: Justine Larbalestier

"My Sister Rosa" is about a teen boy, Che and his trouble-making little sister, Rosa. After moving to New York, Che tries to adjust to the new life style, and tries to control Rosa from playing mind games with people for her own enjoyment. Rosa looks and sounds normal on the outside, but on the inside she is a mentally ill girl, and only Che knows about it. This book was a pretty typical teenager story, with a unique twist. The book does get a bit dark at times, but it was still good. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a unique psychological storyline.-Jessie

The Hate U Give

By: Angie Thomas

This book is amazing! It really makes you think and the characters were really thought through. I love this book! You honestly need to read it!-Bella
This book will make you think, and contemplate the life that you live. Know as serious and sad this book is it also will make you laugh feel happy and anything else you would view as good emotions.. I read this book in 4th grade and I am going to say I probably should have waited a little longer, but I think I turned out okay. Angie Thomas hit it out of the ballpark with this book. Totally,110% recommend this book!-Annabelle

Rebel Girls

By: Elizabeth Keenan

his book was a fascinating read! It is set in the 90s. The main character and her sister go to a strict Catholic school. When school starts, there is a rumor that the main character’s sister had an abortion. This is a big no-no at their school. The sister is staunchly pro-life and horrified by these rumors. The main character though, is a punk, feminist and very pro-choice. The main characters friend is also very pro-choice. I thought portraying the different sides of this issue through opposing sisters was very interesting. The plot is all about how the main character and her friend fighting against the rumors while still standing strong in their beliefs and in the process start a movement at their school. It is a great story of girls of all types sticking together. I really liked this book. The premise of the book is incredible, although the execution was not as strong as it could have been. A lot of the boy drama in the book made the story weaker and I thought it could have been left out all together. There is a subplot about systemic racism which was interesting. I have to add one thing, the behavior of some of the characters in this book is horrifying to me, as both a girl, as well as a human! I will never understand why some people want to take basic rights away from humans. I respect the opinions of those who are pro-life, but you shouldn’t get a say in what someone else does. -Norah


By: Edwidge Danticat

This was a beautiful story of the difficulty of losing a loved one. It was about twins that were in a car crash and only one survived. I think that this was a great story if you are struggling to cope or knowing how to feel about loss. But if you are a person that cries over everything (Cough, Annabelle, Cough) you will be sobbing the entire time.-Norah

Juvenile Fiction- Realistic Fiction

Out of My Mind

By: Sharon M. Draper

Out of my mind is a novel about a disabled girl who proves that she is more than she seems. You can find humor in this book as well as family and friendship. If you want to find out more about her read the book. I really loved it and definitely recommend it!-Lena
Out of my Mind is an incredible story of a child prodigy that has cerebral palsy and can not speak, walk, or care for herself. But, she ends up being the best person on her school's academics team. Will her team members accept her? Find out in this emotional rollercoaster of a story.-Norah

The Prettiest

By: Brigit Young

The Prettiest is is a beautiful book and a must-read for all young feminist. These three girls brought together because of what others said, and they will show you that they are more than a number. This book is all about fighting and standing up against sexism and objectification. Personally, I say all of you take out your "Want to Read List," and write this in immediately. The Prettiest took my breath away. So, go out there and get this book!-Annabelle

Where the Watermelons Grow

By: Cindy Baldwin

This book was actually one of the best books I've ever read. I can't even put into words how sad this book was to finish, ending my journey with the main character, Della, and her struggles with her schizophrenic mom. I do have to say, this book does have a touch of fantastical realism element towards the end, which in my opinion were not necessary. Overall though, this book is totally worth the time to read and I 10/10 recommend it.-Delaney

Flying Over Water

By: Shannon Hitchcock and N.H. Senzai

I really enjoyed this book. It was a very easy and quick read, so if you're looking for something like that then this is the book for you! This book broadened my mind when it came to religion, immigration, and refugees. It clearly explains those topics in a way kids can easily understand. It talks about the war in Syria and about a Syrian family seeking asylum away from all the bloodshed. Flying Over Water tackles a bit about anxiety and panic attacks too, so it's just full of new things to learn and gain perspective from. There are times in this book that'll make you smack your forehead a few times (I know I did) about how stupid some people are and their hatred. But, it also leave you feeling warmhearted inside when it talks about the unity of people at darkest times. Overall, I recommend this book for people who want a book they can easily get through while also enjoying a story.-Lena

Friend or Fiction

By: Abby Cooper

Friend or fiction was an interesting book. It falls under the genre of Fantastical Realism, so it was a realistic fiction book with some fantastical elements. I enjoyed this book, but it was a bit confusing because it didn't explain why the fantasy elements were accruing, like in other Abby Cooper books I've read. If you enjoyed Bubbles or Sticks and Stones (both by Abby Cooper), I would totally recommend this book. Although it wasn't my favorite, it could be a great book for you!-Delaney


By: Abby Cooper

This book was so good! It described how a parent can be depressed and how you can feel like you don't fit in the world. It also made me think deeper about how it's it is hard knowing what everyone think. I realized that even though seeing people's thoughts might sound good it can hurt you and others. So, I highly recommend this book.-Delaney

Look Both Ways

By: Jason Reynolds

Look Both Ways was okay. While it was well written, the stories were boring. It was about a neighborhood and how each kid walked home. At the end all of the stories were connected.-Norah
This probably was not my favorite book but it was good all the same. I liked the way that Jason Reynolds wrote the book and overall it wasn't terrible, but still wasn't my favorite.- Annabelle

The Thing about Jellyfish

By: Ali Benjamin

I love this book sooo much! I cried (a lot.) The Thing about Jellyfish is about a girl named Suzy. Her best friend sadly passed away by drowning and she thinks it may be because of a deadly jellyfish. The way the author wrote this book was amazing. You really felt bad about Suzy and her best friend. I love this book and I definitely recommend it.-Bella
This book so heartfelt. I also cried (maybe not as much..) When you feel the way that Suzy felt when her friend first passed away it was like sickening thud in the way it was written. Especially since Suzy and her friend had had problems before hand at school. This book was a well delivered story definitely well written. - Annabelle

The Bridge Home

By: Padma Venkatraman

I really enjoyed this book. My favorite character was Viji because I thought she was a smart girl. I really felt bad for her mom because of her dad. I recommend this book. This book really was truly inspiring. The quotes were amazing. One of my favorites were "Moving ahead doesn't mean leaving you behind, I finally understand that." -Viji This book is a 2019 Mock Newbery book. READ THIS BOOK!-Bella
I loved this book and from the middle to the end I was absolutely just sobbing. It is absolutely so well written and the way that the author designed this book was amazing. The topic and characters were inspiring as was the story, 100% definitely recommend this book!- Annabelle


By: Ally Condie

This book was a little confusing at the end, but overall it was good. It's about a girl who's father and brother are killed in a car crash. Her whole life seems to spiral out of control. She finds herself stuck in the middle of her mother's hometown. No friends- what's she to do? Despite this, she finds a boy called Leo and the two become friends. Will she find ways to make peace with her grief? Great book. You should read it, especially if you like tales that will warm your heart.-Allie

The Way to Bea

By: Kat Yeh

While a girl struggles with the cold, hard new environment known as middle school and in this new environment everything is changing she embarrassed her best friend who had turned a cold shoulder on her, she doesn't know what to do. Over the course of the book she also realizes that change can be good. When I read this it always leaves me feeling happy.-Norah

Some Kind of Happiness

By: Claire Legrand

Some Kind of Happiness is a sad and touching story about a girl who is dealing with depression. Her parents sent her to her grandparent house so that they could deal with 'Some problems'. While at her grandparent large house she finds a forest and it is just like the imaginary place in her journal. With the help of her cousins she tries to bring her imaginary world back to life.-Annabelle

Counting to Perfect

By: Suzanne LaFleur

This book is definitely on my top ten favorite books list. I would 110% recommend that you read this. This topic may be a little bit, well, grown up to read about but honestly the way the author writes is great. This book is about a girl that doesn't feel as important anymore since her sister's teenage pregnancy. I would once again definitely recommend this book.-Annabelle
I loved this book, the way Suzanne writes an age appropriate story about a not very age appropriate topic is amazing. I would say age ten and up can read this. Although the story is very good, a teenage mother would not be able to just go on a road trip. This is the one thing I thought made this seem unrealistic.-Norah

Every Shiny Thing

By: Cordelia Jensen and Laurie Morrison

"Every Shiny Thing" is a book told by two 12-year-old girls who are both struggling with the loss of a family member. This book is about Lauren, who's brother, Ryan goes to a boarding school for autistic teens, and Sierra, who's mother has to go into rehab for her alcohol addiction. The two girls meet each other and quickly become friends. But, all of that changes when Lauren gets a plan to raise money for more autistic teens like her brother that can't afford therapy. I liked this book because each girl learns a lesson. Lauren learns that she can't help everyone out and Sierra learns that she need to take care of herself before anyone else. I think this book was so sweet and would definitely recommend reading.-Jessie

The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

By: Dan Gemeinhart

I loved reading this book, it was a compelling story of a young girl traveling across the country to find a memory box. The characters in the book were interesting and were enjoyable to watch unfold in the story. There was realistic aspects and a lot of crazy events that you wouldn’t think people considered to think about. It was unique and definitely recommend it!-Lena

Caterpillar Summer

By:Gillian McDunn

In this relatable book, Cat, Chicken, her brother with special needs, and their mom are looking forward to their trip to Georgia. Fishing, hanging out with Rishi, and good eating ahead. When the unexpected hits, Rishi is headed across the world and Cat and Chicken have to go to Gingerbread Island to be with their Grandparents they've never met. With the warm Lily and the cold Macon, will Cat and Chicken live through the next three weeks? This was a great book!DEFINITELY read it!-Allie

The Line Tender

By: Kate Allen

This book starts off a little slow, picking up in some places and not in others. But the gist of the story is: Lucy's (the main character) best friend, Fred, dies after an accident. She has a very hard time coping, especially because her mother died just a few years earlier. Besides that, she's confused where her relationship stood with Fred before he died. Just friends? More than friends? And, she thinks that the field guide they were working on together will fall to the wayside. But, she keeps working on the field guide, and it turns into some thing bigger once multiple sharks are sighted near her hometown. Lucy sets out to finish what her mother started, the only question is: Will she be enough to finish it? I do recommend this book, though it does start off pretty slow. Once you get past those parts, though, you won't be able to read fast enough. The pictures of the sharks are super cool, too.-Allie
This book is sad, but has a very important theme. This is a story of Lucy, a girl who has had to deal with too much as a 13-year-old. It really shows the realism of death and what it can do to someone. If your looking for a great, meaningful book, this is the book for you!-Delaney

Genesis Begins Again

By: Alicia D. Williams

In this AMAZING book, Genesis, a African-American girl worries about the color of her skin. She wants to be like her mama. This book is a Mock Newbery book. I don't want say too much or I will spoil the book. READ IT NOW!! -Bella
I also loved this book. This self- conscious girl is a very hard character to understand yet at the same time you can relate to her. You should definitely put this on your must read list. (If you don't have one, make one!)-Annabelle
I loved this book. I will never go through the things Genesis went through. But, by reading this, I have gained a new empathy and understanding. In this book a lot of hard topics were brought up. Alcohol, abuse, and racism were all brought up, yet they were brought up in a way where it was okay for a 6th grader to read. I applaud the author for that. I implore you to read this book, not just for the story but for how it will make you grow as a person.-Norah

Fish in a Tree

By: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

I loved this book. I've read it 3 times, at least. It is about a girl who is in 6th grade but has never learned to read because she is dyslexic and hid it from her teachers. But when she gets a new teacher hiding no longer works and with her teacher's help she eventually learns to read.-Norah


By: Kathryn Erskine

his book was incredible! While I don't own it when Norah lent it to me I read at least 4 times. It's one of those books that will make you cry (I cried). If there is are a few ways to describe it, it is a grief book, it is a book of hope, it is a book of change. This book makes you see the world a different way. While saying that you should absolutely read this book!- Annabelle
This book was amazing! I cried a lot (not a surprise for me.) This book showed what it felt like to be like her. I really enjoyed this book and know you will too!-Bella
I loved this book. It was a fascinating perspective on a school shooting. The girl has Asperger's and her brother was killed in a school shooting. While this is going on she also has the daily struggle of being different. I really liked this book but, unlike Annabelle and Bella I did not cry.-Norah


By: Gordon Korman

Ungifted is a great book. I own this book and have read it quite a few times. It is about a boy who gets into all types of trouble than gets misplaced in a gifted program. This fun and exciting book is a great read!- Annabelle

Counting by 7's

By: Holly Goldberg Sloan

Counting by 7s was a great book and insight on a girl that is coping with new changes in her life not at all great. Willow the main character is a genius. She loves plants. So when she has to leave her home it may feel to her like the end of the world. You will love this book and read it over and over again.-Annabelle

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

By: Stacy McAnulty

This was a great book. It was about a girl that was hit by lightning and hadn't been to public school since. One day her "Nana" surprises her with a whole year of public school. Lucy the main character is actually a mathematical genius. While in public school she tries to fit in though may not be succeeding. This is a great book to read and you should definitely read it.-Annabelle
This book made me laugh and cry. Ever since she was hit by lightning, Lucy has as been a math genius. But, when Lucy gets to go to a public school she tries to fit in and does not tell anyone about her genius. Will Lucy make friends? Can she be normal? Read this book to find out.-Norah

Shouting at the Rain

By: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

This book is so good! I totally recommend it, but if you do read it, WARNING: You will not be able to put it down. This book is packed full of life lessons and great quotes you will/do live by. Shouting at the Rain teaches you that even though people change for the wrong reasons you don't have to. If you want a good book, READ THIS!-Delaney

Gorilla Dawn

By: Gill Lewis

In this touching story, a girl called Imara is taken from her family by a bloodthirsty rebel gang called the Black Mambas. She manages to convince the bloodthirsty rebel leader that she is a spirit child because she was bitten by a Black Mamba and lived. When some of the rebels come back bearing a sickly gorilla, Imara does all she can to help the gorilla. When she and her friends hear the gorilla is going to be sold to the 'White Lioness' a mysterious white woman, they do all they can to get themselves and the gorilla to safety. Will they succeed?Or will they die? Read the book to find out!-Allie

Front Desk

By: Kelly Tang

Mia and her parents are managers at the Calivista Motel, while her parents cleaned all the rooms she ran the front desk. While other kids may be more fortunate than her family she tried as best as she could to fit in. Mia saw how hard life was and wishes to go back to China, though her mom says they are more free in America. I learned more that there are still things that need to be worked on in America even though it is better than other countries. I loved this book and I thought it was realistic, I think this would be a great read aloud. But, maybe for a bit older kids since there are some subjects about racism and bullying.-Lena

Finding Perfect

By: Elly Swartz

Finding Perfect is a great look on a girl with OCD. Molly, after her mother departs for Toronto, Canada is forever counting, organizing and checking to make sure that everything is clean. At first she thinks that she is crazy and hides her counting, 2,4,6,8,10. This book is in first person perspective so you can see and feel on how Molly feels and copes with OCD. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good read or want to become more aware. -Annabelle