Friday Barnes Series

By: R. A. Spratt

I loved this 8 book series it is about a girl that is a mega genius but has literally no social intelligents. She solves mysteries with humor that will have you cracking up for hours. books 5; 6; 7; 8 you need to specially order from Australia but it is worth it.-Norah

Friday Barnes, Never Fear

By: R.A. Spratt

Friday Barnes is the eighth book of the series. It is one of my favorites in the series. It is about a girl detective who solves mysteries for rewards. The eighth book is where the original headmaster does not come back but a new and very efficient one turns up. There is also a rumor of gold that is hidden under the school. If you like a good mystery with drama, suspense and just the right mix of humor this is the book for you.-Annabelle

The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price

By: Jennifer Maschari

The Remarkable Journey of Charlie Price is a great book if you like intense mysteries. It is about a boy who lost his mother and his sister has been in misery since then. One day his sister disappears down a hatch in her room that is under her bed. Charlie Price must rescue his sister and her memories before everything is lost.-Annabelle

The Mysterious Benedict Society

By: Trenton Lee Stewart

This was not the best book I've ever read. It was funny and thrilling but there was no huge plot twists. The characters were always guessing what would happen so nothing was ever unexpected. -Norah

Shakespeare's Secret

By: Elise Broach

Shakespeare's secret was a really good mystery and it's only one book. A family moves into a house where the previous owner hides a precious secret in it's wall or ceilings I might say. Hero and her friend Danny are on their own little case to find out Shakespeare's secret with the help of Hero's neighbor, Mrs. Roth. I really liked this book and is so far my favorite mystery book that isn't in a series.-Lena

Greenglass House

By: Kate Milford

A boy called Milo lives at a smugglers inn, Milo's parents own the smugglers inn. In winter some mysterious guests come in the Greenglass house, when nobody else comes. Milo and Meddy think they're here for some reason from what stories they tell are connected to the house. It was a good book to read, but wasn't a book that i could sit trough to the end.-Lena