A Really Short History of Nearly Everything

By: Bill Bryson

I enjoyed this book a lot. It was full of information that was written in a funny way. It had info on genes and geography, prehistoric people to present day. If you like almanacs or fact books this is the perfect book for you.-Norah

Wild at Heart

By: Terri Farley

This is a book about how horses are being abused and captured. If you like book that gives you reasons to hate humans but then give you hope that not all humans are horrible this gives you plenty of that.-Norah

The Forbidden Schoolhouse

By: Suzanne Jurmain

This was really good. It was about a woman that started a school for African American children. No one in town agreed with her and she and her students suffered greatly as a cause of their modern outlook on life. If you are interested in unsung woman heroes and heros in black history this is very informative.-Norah

Hidden Figures

By: Margot Lee Shetterly

This was the younger version of the book Hidden Figures. It was an incredible story of the woman who helped put men in space and their journey through the lows and highs of the workplace.-Norah