Historical Fiction

The Wonder Of Charlie Anne

By: Kimberly Newton Fusco

In this wonderful book set in the time of the depression, a girl called Charlie Anne faces her problems head on. Her struggles with her strict cousin Mirabel seem like they'll never end. When Charlie Anne makes friends with a colored girl named Phoebe, more trouble arises. In the end, will their friendship make it through the town's discrimination? Read the book to find out! This is one of the best books I've ever read.-Allie

Fever 1793

By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Usually historical fiction is boring or hard to understand, but this was told in a way that not only made sense but was fast pace and thrilling. Imagine your father died long ago there is a huge outbreak of a deathly illness and your mother has it AND you have to travel to a far away farm with only your grandfather. Read more to see how the character handled all that and more.-Norah


By: Supriya Kelkar

I have always liked historical fiction, but I especially liked this one. Anjali is a in the time period where the British took over India. Her mother started to join the peace act against the british. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes or even dislikes historical fiction.-Annabelle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

By: Avi

This was about a girl traveling to America on a ship. It was suppose to be a nice boat but it was not. The caption was horrible and whipped the crew. The girl eventually joined the crew. For a reason which you have to find out. The ending was very confusing but overall it was good.-Norah

Anne of Green Gables

By: L.M. Montgomery

This charming tale is about a little orphan called Anne, spelled with an 'E'. It's so much more refined that way. Anyway, she arrives and surprises Matthew, because she was supposed to be a boy. The owners of Green Gables now are faced with a problem; whether to keep Anne or send her back. Read this classic tale to find out the end!-Allie

Dear America; Standing in the Light

By: Mary Pope Osborne

This diary, even though not written by the real Catharine Carey Logan, sounds as if it was. This is a wonderful, and scary, book that takes you across the fields and through the deeply scarring times Catharine lived through. She becomes part of the culture she feared. In this story, you'll start to become attached to characters you never thought you would be. You should definitely read this book!-Allie


By: Isaiah Campbell

This is based in the second world war. Told from the perspective of the daughter of a warden working in a war prison holding some Nazi they have captured. She is training to be a magician and one of the prisoners is helping her with a performance. Will her last trick go end in with a bang or will everything be exposed?-Norah

The Trial

By: Jen Bryant

This story is about the 1935 trial for Bruno Richard Hauptmann because he supposedly murdered Charles Lindbergh's baby son. It is told from a perspective of a 12 year old girl that gets to sit in on the trials and help her uncle be a court reporter. Throughout the story you learn about her family as well as the trial. Will you think the verdict was fair? -Norah


By: Alan Gratz

Refugee is about escaping. Three characters Josef, Isabell and Mahmoud. All of them from different countries and times. Mahmoud more recently in 2015, his house is bombed and his family travel to Germany with some mishaps along the way. Isabella from cuba travels by a small boat to Florida with seven people and one of them with a baby on the way. Josef is a jew during the time Germany was invaded by the Nazi and Hitler, he travels on a boat full of jews, but the thing is they are racing two other boats to get to America. It was a good book about refugees trying to escape their homeland for the safety of their family.-Lena

A Night Divided

By: Jennifer A. Nielsen

Gerta wants to be with her brother and dad, but a wall in berlin separating the east and the west divided them. She sees her father almost every morning after a couple years where the tourist usually gather and does a silly dance on a platform. Gerta thinks it's some sort of message and tries to figure it out. Will she give up or make it to the other side? Read the book to find out. -Lena

Little Women

By: Louisa May Alcott

Little Women is a charming tale about the March sisters, Beth, Meg, and Jo. The sisters go through their life troubles, love and loss, heartache and healing. The girls' best friend Laurie helps them through these things and causes a little trouble of his own. This is my FAVORITE book! You must read it, and that is an order.-Allie