Graphic Novel

Anya's Ghost

By: Vera Brosgol

WARNING: The back of the book is very different from what actual happened. It may seem that it is about a lonely girl that befriends a ghost. No. This lonely girl actually smokes uses not the most appropriate language and the ghost is not who she says to be. Also it is a murder mystery. It is for older kids. -Norah

Real Friends

By: Shannon Hale

Real Friends is a great demonstration of drama that can happen between friends. It tells you that as long as you stay to yourself then everything will turn will usually turn out fine, but you may have to go through twist and turns to get there. So, read Real Friends and if you take my word for it you will love it to.-Annabelle


By: Raina telgemeier

Smile was about Raina having drama involving her teeth. And how that affected her. One of her front teeth goes up her gums and the other falls out after she falls. To know how she lived with this read the book.-Lena