Graphic Novel


By: Raina Telgemeier

Raina is a 5th grade girl who just like us, is afraid of things. I mean everyone's afraid of something. I'm afraid of death and my classmate Ethan is afraid of grasshoppers and ladybugs. But Raina's greatest fear is uncommon. She is afraid of vomit. It makes her body do weird things just if someone says the word. She is also someone who again, just like us, cares about what others think about her. So when her classmate Michelle keeps making fun of her, She starts to feel less confident about herself. Wanna find out what her parents do to help? Read Guts and find out.- Mackenzie


By: Jen Wang

This book is very good. I enjoy it and recommend it. Stargazing is about two girls. One who loves to dance, and one who focuses on school. They soon find out that one of the girls, Moon, has to get surgery to get a brain tumor removed. Will Moon recover? Read the book to find out!-BellaThis book was a game changer. It was about a girl , Moon, that had a brain tumor and had to get surgery. Moon also had a friend who helped her and her mom out. What will happen with their friendship? Will Moon recover? Read the book and I guarantee you'll love it!-Delaney


By: Raina Telgemeier

This book is great! It is kind of related to two books you all may know called Smile, Drama, and Guts (Go look at the reviews.) If you want to read this book, you don't have to read smile or drama or guts first. Raina Telgemeier is a great author that is pretty well known. Some of you may also read one of her books from The Babysitters club. Most of her books that I have read are Graphic Novels. This book is about Raina and her sister, Amara. They get into many fights about everything and get mad at each other a lot. This book is great and well done. This book was really simple and a quick read. I definitely recommend even if you didn't read any of the other books about Raina. -Bella


By: Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin

This book is very good! It is about a young refugee and his story. The pictures are great and really move the story along. They show the past and present for the boy, Ebo. That confused me a bit. You have to pay attention to that. It will be in a box in the top left. If you like Graphic Novels, this is the book for you!-Bella


By: Brenna Thummler

This is a ghost story, though it is not what your expecting to get from from a ghost story. It's a story of friendship, struggle, and hardship that helps you understand what death can really do to someone. Though it was not the best graphic novel I have read, I still got something out of reading it.-Delaney
This book was interesting to read after reading The Ghost Collector and seeing the different ghost ideas. I really enjoyed this book. At the beginning it was pretty confusing but you get the idea later in the story.-Bella

Queen of the Sea

By: Dylan Meconis

This book was truly amazing! I felt like I was inside of the book. I loved the main characters. The cliffhanger at the end made me want to scream! It is definitely in my top three graphic novels! The main character, Margret, really made me feel bad and think how it would be to not know who my parents are. I really felt bad for Margret when William moved away. (You will understand when you read it!) YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!-Bella

Best Friends

By: Shannon Hale

This is a great sequel to Best Friends (Review above). This book shows and helps you understand in the eyes of another girl the changes and confusing stages of 6 grade. This probably one of my favorite books in a graphic novel genre. I can guarantee that you would like this book.- Annabelle

The New Kid

By: Jerry Craft

Jordan is a tween who is about to start his years of middle school at a very elite (over the top) private school. At this new school, Jordan is reminded that he is a colored child and sometimes gets bullied about it by his fake friend. There are rarely any kids like Jordan at this school. So Jordan decides to hang out with his friends more like him. But still middle school is still hard even with his peers so in his free time, he draws pictures to keep his mind clear of of the discrimination and rude comments about him and his real friends. Will drawing help Jordan keep his cool? Find out by reading The New Kid. I had many text to self connections with this book. Being a African American in a pretty much 99% all caucasian school is pretty hard. But my friends who know how I feel help me through it everyday. One step at a time.-Mackenzie

White Bird

By: R.J. Palacio

This book was incredible! If you read Wonder or saw the movie, this book is the sequel. It tells about Julian's Grandmère and Julien. It is truly a heartfelt book and really touched me. I can tell that the author really put thought into this book! READ IT!!!!-Bella

Anya's Ghost

By: Vera Brosgol

WARNING: The back of the book is very different from what actually happened. It may seem that it is about a lonely girl that befriends a ghost, No. This lonely girl actually smokes uses not the most appropriate language and the ghost is not who she says to be. Also it is a murder mystery. It is for older kids. -Norah
This book has behavior not for younger children. They smoke a lot in this book and skip class. There is also some adult language. It is a interesting book. I would not recommend it for ages under 14. You need to be very mature to read this book. -Bella

Real Friends

By: Shannon Hale

Real Friends is a great demonstration of drama that can happen between friends. It tells you that as long as you stay to yourself then everything will turn will usually turn out fine, but you may have to go through twist and turns to get there. So, read Real Friends and if you take my word for it you will love it to.-Annabelle
This book was so relatable. I really liked how honest the book was about friendships, it did not try to gloss over anything. It also mentioned mental health but did not make the book all about it. Finally, the story was very simple but still good.-Norah


By: Raina Telgemeier

Smile was about Raina having drama involving her teeth. And how that affected her. One of her front teeth goes up her gums and the other falls out after she falls. To know how she lived with this read the book. I liked overall and it's a good quick read.-Lena