Keeper of the Lost Cities Flashback

By: Shannon Messenger

This book was A-MAZ-ING. There were some romance parts that (if you have read the other books) were like finally. You will laugh out loud in any of the books. The first part of the book was a little boring after Sophie and Fitz fought the Neverseen because they were stuck in the hospital but after that things sped up again. You will be surprised with Alvar at the end, but you probably will feel ike that makes sense. You should probably read this book before I spoil any other thing else. Read this book now!
I know you are not reading the book.-Annabelle

Keeper of the Lost Cities

By: Shannon Messenger

I loved Keeper of the Lost Cities. It was an intricate blend of humor, suspense, and middle school drama. If you are looking for the next Harry Potter here it is. It is about a girl genius that can read minds named Sophie that finds out she is an elf. I loved this series after reading the first book I had to read all of them. Annabelle, Lena, and even my Mom loved it.-Norah

Eden's Wish and Eden's Escape

By: M. Tara Crowl

This book not the best it's good if you just want to get a quick read for school out of the way this would be good for that. It is about a middle school aged genie that wants to be free and figures out how. But after she escapes she has two groups of older genies after and one group is good, and one group is bad.-Norah

The Land of Stories

By: Chris Colfer

The land of stories is a good book series for people who like fairy tales and fantasy. It's about twins (a boy and a girl) who accidentally travels into the fairy tale world. And it was a bad time to be traveling to a world that they had no idea existed, there is something evil is lurking in the dark. To find out more read the first book! And you'll find the adventures they're on.-Lena

The Unwanteds Quests

By: Lisa Mcmann

Fifer and thisbe are sisters of Alex (the main character of The Unwanteds) the king of the unwanted island. They crave adventures, but their brother is a bit overprotective. So in order to have what they desire they help out the dragons who are being held captive. But they get some detours along the way.-Lena

The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts

By:J.K. Rowling, Jack Throne, and John Tiffany

These both were quite the disappointment. It just felt to disconnected from the beloved series.-Norah

The Unwanteds

By: Lisa Mcmann

The Unwanteds is about an island that goes to war with the island of Quill because the slaves of Quill came over to Artime and live freely. Twins called Aaron and Alex are both rulers, but of different sides. Aaron is at Quill and Alex is at Artime. And the other books of The Unwanteds is about the other islands that surround Artime and Quill.-Lena

Percy Jackson

By: Rick Riordan

I loved the Percy Jackson series as well as the sequel Heroes of Olympus series. It was a unique, and modern take on classic greek stories. Rick Riordan blends humor and thriller flawlessly.-Norah

Upside Down Magic

By: Sarah Mlynowski, E. Lockhart, and Lauren Myracle

This did not take very long to read. Probably about a half hour to an hour. In this alternate world once you turn eleven you gain a power. There are 5 different powers you could have. But sometimes those powers go wonky. This is about a girl and her friends that struggle to fit in and there personal triumph the control and embrace there wonky powers.-Norah