Notorious RBG

By: Irin Carmon Shana Knizhnik

Notorious RBG is a great book to read if you like politics, woman's rights, or even are just fascinated by RBG's life in general. RBG preserved through her life as a teacher and a lawyer all the way up to the Supreme Court. This books tells you that it doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy either one can go to the top or the Supreme Court.-Annabelle

A Mind with Wings

By: Loretta Hausman

This is a biography of the famous author Henry David Thoreau. He was a fascinating person and it is written in a way that is understandable and does not distract from the story. I really enjoyed this book.-Norah

Good Brother Bad Brother

By: James Cross Giblin

This is a story about Abe Lincoln's assassin's family. It's called GOOD BROTHER BAD BROTHER because it focuses on two people the older brother and the younger brother that killed Abe Lincoln. I thought it was super cool to read about Abe's assassin in a unbiased way with the full story of his life instead of just reading about how he killed Abe in a biography of Abe's life.-Norah

Our Eleanor

By: Candace Fleming

This is a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt's life. It was chock full of clipings of newspaper articles and picture. For people that like to see what there reading about this would be perfect. It was written in kind of slow way but the story makes up for it.-Norah

Most Dangerous

By: Steve Sheinkin

Most Dangerous is about a man named Daniel Ellsberg that gave top secret government information to the press about how the US was losing in the Vietnam War. This book is full of exciting information about the government and the Vietnam War. It was kind of on the long side and was a challenge to understand but it was really good.-Norah


By: Robert Hoge

If you enjoyed Wonder then this will be perfect for you. It is a true story by a person like Auggie about his life experience.-Norah