About Us


11 years old.

My favorite genres out of the rest of all the other genres is fiction and mystery. I'm eleven years old and I read in my spare time (obviously). We originally based this off of this library project, and then we created this site. Hopefully this sight will bring you new books to read and satisfaction.


11 years old.

Hello!! I love to read. My friends and I wanted to start a blog or site so that other readers could find books that they would want to read. My top 3 absolute favorite genres is probably Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, and Mystery. My favorite series are The Keeper of the Lost Cities and Harry Potter so I'm sure you will be seeing those book. In my spare time I also like to write. When I am older I want to be a author or a lawyer. I hope you enjoy using our site!


11 years old.

Hi! My name's Allie. I'm a high level reader, with a knack for words. In my free time, I love to read and write. My favorite books are Little Women, The Harry Potter series, and The Five Kingdoms series. ( Check the reviews out ) My favorite genres are Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Realistic Fiction. When I was in around third grade, I started having trouble finding books at my level. My mom recommended some and that's where I began reading a lot. I hope to become an author someday.


11 years old

My favorite genre is fantasy or realistic fiction. I'm one of four girls that decided to start this blog. We wanted to start this because we are all pretty avid readers and we were having a hard time finding challenging appropriate books for our reading levels.