Karla's Art Room

One step inside the art room tells you that this is a special place. It is a place where children are treasured, where eager students are encouraged to take the next step, to ask the next question and to discover the next truth. It is a place where imagination is valued as highly as diligence, where hugs are dispensed freely, and where each child's developing confidence and commitment to learning are their own rewards.

Featured Artist of the Week

7th Grade Sea Slugs

The seventh graders are in the midst of a “sea slug fest” with artist Gar Waterman . http://garwaterman.com/

Sea Slugs or Nudibranches are shell-less creatures that are dazzling in their variety and color. Our seventh graders were treated to a slide show presentation by Gar, who shared his Nudibanch sculptures and his scientific expertise on these delightful little sea dwellers. Each student has designed their own signature slug in a drawing and a sculpture.