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Day 66 of Kindergarten

We had the dreidel game, colored gravel, and markers for Morning Choice. The loft was also open. After Morning Choice, a friend’s mom shared menorahs with us. She brought in six different kinds. Some were old and some were handmade. Then we had potato latkes with sour cream or applesauce. People got to decide which one they wanted. At Calendar we wrote numbers on our calendar folder. For Fundations we put z and qu on our magnetic letter boards. Then we put our letters in alphabetical order. When Kossouth came, we watched a video about impulsivity. That means when you are mean to someone but you don’t really mean it. Or you want to talk and you don’t wait your turn. Or you speak without thinking. You should think before you talk. At Centers we did One More Story and Explode the Code. We also did Math and wrote our names the kindergarten way. At Recess, we played some games because we only had about 14 minutes outside. Some of us were calm and just walked. Today after lunch, we celebrated a friend’s birthday. We had ice cream sandwiches. At Library we learned two new books called The Big Snow and The Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Tree. At Gym we had many stations. You could change them whenever you wanted. Today was a fascinating day!!

Day 64 of Kindergarten

At Morning Choice, we had the gravel, finishing our body maps, dramatic play, and the loft. The blocks were not open. Then Heather came and taught us more about Math. We learned a new song about 5 little frogs sitting on a log. At Calendar, we put the 11 on the calendar chart and we wrote a b on it for our pattern. We forgot to do Today is, Yesterday was, and Tomorrow will be. We decided the weather today was sunny. We had a yummy, yummy snack…Chex Mix! When we had Fundations, we learned qu, queen, /q/ and z, zebra, /z/. At Centers we did some skip counting by 2s, and we also did practicing our letters that we learned from Fundations. We also tried something new called Explode the Code. At recess, it was very fun because we got to play in the snow. Some people went on the tire swing and some people brought sleds. At lunch we had our buddies come over to eat with us. It was fun. We played Tic Tac Toe in Gym class. We had an amazing day today!

Pictures from the week...

Day 62 of Kindergarten

We had an interesting morning choice. For Morning Meeting, everyone greeted each by singing the Hey song. At Calendar, we did our numbers and a special challenge too, but one kid didn't do it because they were with Tracey. We had carrots and applesauce for snack. At Centers we had Fundations, Math, and a good feelings journal page. Tong Beina came and made sticky rice balls with us. They were yummy and a little bit sweet. At recess some of us played a game called flip flop and house. The tire swing was also popular. At Spanish, Angela gave Susan an owl for the class. At PE, we played a fun game called line soccer. Then we made cards for our special visitors. We had busy bee day.

Day 61 of Kindergarten

At Morning Choice, we had games like dreidel, and we had interviewing by Susan, and we worked on finishing our body maps. We had a new greeting today. We took off one shoe and put it in the middle of the circle. Then we all took a different shoe, and had to figure out whose shoe we had and greet them. At Fundations, we put our two magnetic tiles on the board. They were x and y. For snack everyone ate bagels except for one kid. In Spanish we played BINGO and we had a very special treat because Tong Beina and her daughter and mother were with us. We also played the SHH game. When we got back from Spanish, we did a special activity that was making Chinese Lanterns. Next, Susan showed us cards with black dots on them. We had to find out what number they were without counting them one by one. For recess, we played lots of games that were really fun. At Music we learned a new song and we read a book about Hanukkah and Christmas. Then we did a painting with drops of watercolor paint and water. We had a spectacular day!

Day 60 of Kindergarten

At Morning Choice we finished our Body Maps and we played with the colorful rocks. One friend lost a special rock she brought from home. Waah! At Morning Meeting Susan read a book called Happiness Doesn't Come From Headstands. We added the number 5 to the calendar because today is December 5, 2017. For Snack we had applesauce. Some people had Cheerios. For Fundations we reviewed our letters. We practiced writing the letters x and y. Ms. Maoz came and she shared a Hanukkah game. She also told us the story of Hanukkah and lit a menorah. Then a visitor came and told us about herself. Her name is Tong Beina, and in China your first name goes last and your last name goes first. At Recess, we did fun things, like going on the tire swing and running around in the field. It was a short recess. Waah! At Writer's Workshop, we wrote about one thing we can do, like I can write my name. We had a very cool day. The End of the Story.

Pictures from last week...

Day 57 of Kindergarten

For Morning Choice, everyone played fun games or activities. At Morning Meeting, we learned a new greeting that went like this: Say your name and when you do, we will say it back to you. Then we played ice cream thief. At Fundations, we reviewed our letters. Then we used sentence frames to make sentences. At Snack we ate Veggie Sticks which everyone in the whole class liked except one person. Then we went to Music. Tina, our Music teacher, had a new black piano! We learned new songs. When we came back to the room, we did an activity about feelings. Our teacher read us a story, and we put a post it note on the faces that showed how we might feel in that story. At Calendar we figured out it was the last day of November. We played lots of fantastic games at recess, like Cinderella. After lunch and quiet time, we went on a listening walk and we listened. We didn’t talk or draw. Then we drew what we heard. At Outdoor Learning, we went to the Sacred Woods and we played lots of games. Then we ended by jumping in the leaves. We had a very cool day.

Day 56 of Kindergarten

For Morning Choice, we had the beans out. Some people sorted them. Shells were also in there. At Morning Meeting, we talked about feelings and how artists make feelings in pictures. In Fundations we did our magnetic tiles. We had a cool snack, water and bagels. One friend had Cheerios. Susan read some funny jokes while we ate. At Centers we did numbers, we drew how we like our hair, and we found three new trick words in a poem: to, the, and in. At Recess, everyone played fun games. We had to leave early because of our field trip. We went to the Yale Art Gallery and we looked at three works of art. One was a statue like a Buddha, one was full of squiggles, and one was a painting of a man and a woman in a room. We are not sure where, because it’s a mystery! At Lunch, we had to be very quiet because we had to eat quickly so we could go to Spanish. There we learned the Spanish version of A Tutti Ta. At Gym we had free time. We played with basketballs, hula hoops, and bouncy balls. At Calendar, we have been at school 56 days.

Day 55 of Kindergarten

We had a great Morning Choice because some people finished painting their picture. For Morning Meeting, everyone greeted each other, except for one kid who wasn’t here. At Fundations we reviewed a, e, i, o, u, v, and w. Then we wrote on our whiteboards and practiced some sight words. We had a yummy, yummy snack. It was Gogurt and clementines. At Spanish we played Bingo with food cards. We did our pattern in sign language: a, b, b, c at Calendar. At recess, people played lots of fun games. At Music we learned a new song called “Walking to the Barber Shop.” For our body maps, we put on the ears and our hair, because if we didn’t add hair we’d be bald and hairless. Some of us made bangs, and some of us made braids. We had a very cool day.

Day 54 of Kindergarten

At Morning Choice it was a fun time because we like doing water colors. We enjoyed playing Move The Turtle with Lindsay, who teaches us about technology. In Calendar we did our place value and our odd and even cubes, our numbers, tally marks and the weather. Everyone had a delicious bon appetit for snack. In Math we found partners and measured with them. First one person was the measurer who measured their partner. Then we switched. Who ever was bigger got to circle "ME" at the bottom. We used inch worms or unifix cubes. Then Angela and Lynne read us a book about hair. It was written in Spanish and English. At Fundations we learned two new letters, v and w. We played lots of cool games at recess, like jailbreak. Everyone picked out cool books in Library. In Gym we had our own free time. For Writing, we wrote about what animal we would like to be. It was great to be back at school.

Pictures from the very short week...

Pictures from the week...

Day 50 of Kindergarten

K3 was really busy today! Stay tuned for the week's pictures!

Day 49 of Kindergarten

We had a fantastic morning choice. People played lots of fun things, like a friend's game. Then we had a special activity. It was yoga. K1, K2, and K3 went to the bottom of the library to do yoga with Birke, a friend's mom. For Calendar, we put up the Today sign, the Yesterday sign, and the Tomorrow sign. We also did tally marks and days of school. For snack we had bagels. In Spanish, we watched a video and danced "rapido!" At Fundations, we put our new letters, l, h and k, on our magnetic boards. For Center time, we did our noses for Body Maps, we wrote how we can share our body gifts, and we looked for things that were longer or shorter than a popsicle stick. We had a fun recess because we played lots of fun and interesting games. At Lunch, lots of people had lots of yummy food. At one table, we all were telling funny stories. We sang a new song in Music. Then we learned about leaves and why they change colors. K3 was definitely the place to be today!!!

Day 48 of Kindergarten

We had a new choice this morning. It was a friend's game, called "Shelby's Snack Shack Game." At Morning Meeting we had a new greeting using two balls. At Calendar, we switched the Yesterday sign to Monday. We had an interesting Fundations. We practiced writing three new letters, h, l and k, on our slates with dry erase markers. At Center time, we had to find a card that had pumpkins in them and write the number down on our clipboards. At Library, we picked tons of good, new books. At Gym, we played a game called Shipwrecked. Then we played a shark game. When we came back to the room, some of us pretended to be babies, and we tried to find our mommas using our sense of smell. We smelled peppermint, cloves, orange, lemon, garlic, and vanilla. We had a really, really nice day!!!

Day 47 of Kindergarten

For Morning Choice the slime was really sticky! After Morning Choice we did Morning Meeting. We had a special visitor, Ms. Mello. She read us a story called My Princess Boy. At Calendar we had new jobs. For Snack, we had a very, very yummy food, Cheerios and water. At Fundations, we learned three more letters. They were k, l, and h. At Art, everyone painted their wooden animals. We went out to recess even though it was sprinkling. We played lots of games. At Lunch, people had lots of good food. During Quiet Time, we got to think over our ideas about how we wanted to draw in our sketch books. We then made Shaker Apple Trees and we listened to some fun stories on the One More Story App. We had an awesome, awesome day!!!

Pictures from the Week...

Day 45 of Kindergarten

Today we had some goop, markers, and Susan interviewed some of us for Morning Choice. At Morning Meeting, one girl shared her book and a boy shared his game. We had a great calendar with some of our K2 friends. We had bagels for snack. At Music, we learned a new song. We also reviewed some of our old songs. At Fundations, we got out our tiles and we put the letters j and p on the magnetic board. Then we practiced on our slates. At Centers, we did our eye graph, we wrote similes about our eyes, and we also did Write It Wednesday and This or That Thursday in our Writer's Notebook. At Recess, lots of people played lots of fun games. Some people went on the tire swing, and some people played a pretend fighting game in the field. At lunch, one table looked for things that were blue. They found a lot of blue things! At Quiet Time, we had lots of fun. We snuggled with our loveys if we had them, and we drew amazing drawings in our sketch books. Then we had Outdoor Learning. We looked for leaves and wanted them to be pretty perfect. We had an interesting day!

Day 44 of Kindergarten

We had a fantastic morning choice because we played with some cool slime and drew with markers. At Morning Meeting, a friend shared a book called Matilda, and another friend shared their game called Busytown. We decided today was sunny for our weather graph. We pretended the wind was blowing the teen numbers in Math. When the wind stopped blowing, we had to line up the numbers in order from 10 all the way to 20. We had a yummy, yummy snack, crackers and cheese sticks. For Centers, we read a poem called "The Reason I Like Chocolate." We highlighted the trick works 'I' and 'like.' Then a friend's mom, Andrea, came and talked about marathons and running. We practiced running across the field 6 times. At recess, people went on the tire swing and played lots and lots of games. After Lunch and Quiet Time, we had Spanish and Gym. In Gym, we played a game that was very tricky. Then we had Fundations and wrote the daily news. Now we're going outside. We had a fantastic amazing day!!! The end of the story.

Day 43 of Kindergarten

We had a great, great morning choice. There was something new, slime! It was goopy and sticky. Two friends shared their All About Me packet at Morning Meeting. It was hard for them to be the last ones, because they waited so long to have their turn. At Calendar, we put in the 4, 5 and 6. For snack, we had cheese sticks and water or milk. Some of us had Cheerios. In Spanish, we sort of had a puppet show. In Library, we read Epossumondas, which is about an opossum that has a human mama. We learned two new letters in Fundations, j and p. We had a fun recess. People played all kinds of games. Some people went on the tire swing and we really liked that everyone was nice. At Music, we sang a song about Thanksgiving. We watched a fun video about the eye, its parts, and its trickiness. At Centers, it was really, really fun. We made books, and we colored inside them. We worked on teen numbers, and did a Fundations worksheet. Then we had recess. We really, really liked our day. The end of the story.

Day 40 of Kindergarten

At Morning Choice it was really amazing and cool because we had the loft open, we had a game called Outfoxed, and we played another friend's game where we had to match the dinosaur cards. At Morning Meeting, we had a new game and a new book shared about animals. Calendar was a new month, November. We had to take off everything from the calendar and the weather graph. We also had to bundle a new group of tens because it was day 40 of kindergarten. We now have four bundles which means 40. We read a story about the parts of our bodies. Donna showed us how to make our bodies on a piece of paper. Then we went to spots in the classroom and used the colored paper we made last week to make our bodies. At recess, people played lots of games, like tag and kitty cat family, and went on the tire swing. After lunch, we celebrated a friend's birthday and ate delicious cupcakes with cherry buttercream icing. It was a glorious, great, happy day!!!

Day 39 of Kindergarten

We enjoyed our Morning Choice. Some friends liked the blocks, and some friends played with the rice. For Morning Meeting, a friend shared his game. It was called Outfoxed. The object was to find the thief. Another friend shared a book called the Encyclopedia of Animals. It had a lot of fun facts. During Calendar, we sang our October song. It will be the last day we sing that song, because it's the end of October. It goes like this:

Spell October, spell October

Spell October now with me


Then we had goldfish and bananas for snack and then we went to Music. Next, we counted our pumpkin seeds. Medium had the most. They had 490 seeds in their pumpkin. The small pumpkin had 412, and the large pumpkin had 432. We counted 1,334 seeds today! Whew!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Day 38 of Kindergarten

We had an awesome and fun Morning Choice. Then two more friends shared their All About Me packets. At Calendar we put the numbers 28, 29, and 30 on the calendar. For Fundations we learned two new letters, r and e. We had a lot of fun going to the different classrooms to learn about pumpkins. We experimented to see if they would float, and they did. We also measured the height of the pumpkin and read a book and found the pumpkin's weight. Then we opened the pumpkins to see which one has the most seeds. We will count them tomorrow. In Spanish, we watched a little bit of a movie song and Senora showed us some puppets. She shared a friend's book that was written in Spanish. In PE, we played a Halloween game and we also played three different kinds of tag. When we came back to the room, Susan gave us a number check-up to see if we knew how to write numbers to 20. Those teens can be tricky! It was a super, awesome, awesome day!

Pictures from the week...

Day 36 of Kindergarten

Today we had two fun choices, the rice and the spider webs. Two friends shared their All About Me artifacts. One of them was a special pillow and the other was a crystal and a fossil stone. A special reptile expert visited the class and told us the answers to our questions about our geckos. She thinks Bright Goldie is a boy and Lava Valley is a girl. Then we wrote about our favorite places and we really liked everyone's artwork. Next Kossouth and K2 came in to read a book called The Colors of Us. Then Kossouth made his skin tone and then we went back to our classrooms and made our skin tones on a lot of paper to use next week. People played lots of fun games at recess. Some of us played a game called Ugio. We enjoyed our lunch, and then had quiet time. Some people had new spots. At Library people got lots of new books, and some people put books in savings. In Gym we played a Halloween game. Then during Fundations, we spelled some new words and had a few challenges. We talked a little bit about the movie The Muppets Christmas Carol because Susan was talking about how to say things that happened yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We had a zippity-boppity day!!!

Day 34 of Kindergarten

We played Halloween Tic Tac Toe with bats and ghosts for Morning Choice. For Morning Meeting we greeted each other by shaking hands. We counted and sang about the days of the week during Calendar. We all had our vision and our hearing screened and they gave us stickers and a bookmark at the end. Some of us listened to One More Story on the iPad and it was very, very fun. We made apple dolls. Some had capes, some had aprons, some had dresses, and some had pants. At recess everybody played lots of very nice games. After Lunch and Quiet Time, we had Music. We learned a brand new song called "Miss White Had a Fright in the Middle of the Night". We had relays in PE. Then we read a story called A Secret Place, which told about a secret river and the ducks that lived there. It was zippity, zoppity day!!!

Day 33 of Kindergarten

We had a great morning choice. There were some new things: tic tac toe with ghosts and bats, rice with acorns, and spider webs. Two friends shared their All About Me packets at Morning Meeting. Then Susan read a story about a little island called The Little Island. Then we went to Music and Tina told Susan it was an excellent music class! In Fundations we learned two new letters, d and s. In the afternoon we had outdoor learning and made mud! Then we had a special visitor, a friend's grandmother, who read us a special story about Halloween. It was a fun and messy day!!!

Pictures from the week...

Day 31 of Kindergarten

We had a very nice morning choice. We also had a nice morning meeting. We had morning choice again and that was really fun. During Calendar we did the days of the week and tally marks for how many days we've been in kindergarten. We went to Spanish and we played a game. When we got back to the room after Spanish, Donna read us a book about rocks and minerals called Rocks & Minerals. We were really interested in that because a friend shared his geode for All About Me. After Quiet Time, we went to Music with Tina and we sang some new songs and we talked about bodies moving. Then we did Fundations and now we are writing the Daily News. Next we're going to recess. We really liked our day.

Day 30 of Kindergarten

We had a fun, fun morning because we made apple head dolls. We took a peeled apple and carved their eyes, noses, mouths, and eyebrows. Then we washed them in lemon juice and then we put them in the oven to dry. We will see what they look like tomorrow. We had Library and Gym for Specials. They were both awesome. It was an amazing day!!!

Day 29 of Kindergarten

We had an awesome morning choice. After Morning Choice we had Morning Meeting. At Morning Meeting our friends shared a book and a game. We laughed at The Book with No Pictures and had fun playing Charades. Then we had Calendar and Snack. After Snack, we had a special activity...we had our pictures taken! Then we went to Art. We made silly robots with big muscles. After Art we went to recess and we had fun. Then we ate lunch and had quiet time. Next we had Fundations and we reviewed some letters and practiced writing a and g on our slates. Then we had Centers. Now we are writing the Daily News and then we will go outside. It was a fantastic day!!!

Day 28 of Kindergarten

We had fun morning choices. They were stamp pads, sand, and puzzles. At Morning Meeting, two friends shared for All About Me. Their favorites places to be were the beach and the jungle. During Calendar, we had a Shelter Drill. We went into the bathroom and sat on the floor. We were very quiet. When we got out, our teachers were very proud of us. In Fundations, we learned a-apple-/a/ and g-game-/g/. Then we made small apple trees for each season: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Lunch was great because our 9th grade buddies came! First we had a little recess with them and then they came in for lunch. Then we went to Music and PE. In PE we played crab soccer. Then we learned about Odd and Even numbers and now we are writing our daily news. We had a great day!!!

Pictures from the Week...

Day 26 of Kindergarten

We had awesome, awesome choices for Morning Choice. Our friends' All About Me games were very popular! We had Calendar and then a yummy Snack. Then we had Fundations and we put our magnetic boards out and we practiced with o and c. Next we had apple center rotations in ALL of the Kindergarten rooms. In K1, we made applesauce with Alexandra and Lynne. In K2, we learned a poem about apples with Trisha and Tony. In K3, we weighed apples on a balance scale using plastic teddy bears with Susan and Donna. It was a really cool rotation. At Gym we had stations. Some of our favorites were the swinging ropes, volleyball with balloons, and basketball. Then we had Closing Meeting and Recess. It was maybe the best day of October!!!

Day 25 of Kindergarten

We came in and did Morning Choice. Some friends played with sand. At Morning Meeting, Ms. Mello joined us and put on a play about her dog, Mutt, who was sad that he couldn't write the letter t! It taught us that it's always okay to make mistakes, and it also showed us what to do if we get frustrated. The All About Me friends showed us their favorite book, Pippi, and their favorite game, Schwarze Petra. Then we had Calendar, Snack and Spanish. We learned a fun song in Spanish that's about a witch from Angela. We had Fundations and then Centers. Three friends counted to really super high numbers, 240, 174, and 89. Wow! This afternoon we had Music and then we did our first Writer's Workshop and we wrote non-fiction and fiction books. Some friends wrote one page and some wrote two pages! We had a really fun, fun today!!!

Day 24 of Kindergarten

We came in and had Morning Choice. Sand was popular. At Morning Meeting, two friends showed us their All About Me packets. They both had the beach as their favorite place! We had Calendar and put a lot of numbers on the calendar because we had a big long weekend. After Snack, we had Centers. We worked on Counting Jars, our apple booklets, and Trace It Tuesday. Then we learned two new letters, o and c, at Fundations. So far, we have learned 3 vowels. After lunch, we celebrated a friend's birthday. Then we had Library and PE. We got really sweaty because we ran around a lot. Then we wrote our numbers from 1-10. It was an awesome, awesome, awesome day!!!

Pictures from the week...

All About Me

Apple Explorations

Grandparents and Special Friends' Day

Outdoor Learning in the Sacred Woods

Counting and Graphing

Day 22 of Kindergarten

Today we had a lovely Morning Choice. Then we had Morning Meeting and our All About Me friends shared their artifacts which were drums and a heart shaped prism. During Calendar, Donna told us she had turned over the numbers 5 and 15 because we are learning to count by 5s. Then we had a treat for snack which we made during Morning Choice. We had Art, and we made funny monsters. Then we had Recess, Lunch and Quiet Time. We did Fundations and then learned about Johnny Appleseed. Today was a great, great day!

Day 21 of Kindergarten

We were really busy and did Math just before we went outside at the end of the day. Stay tuned!

Day 20 of Kindergarten

We walked in and did Morning Choice. We had sand, drawing, books, but no dramatic play. Some of us finished our self-portraits. Donna did Morning Meeting. One friend shared his game, checkers, and our other friend shared her book, Hank Finds an Egg. Then we had calendar and learned a new song about October. We went to Music and then back to class. After Quiet Time, we had Outdoor Education. We made a humongous wall and a fortress in the Sacred Woods. Some of us had a little conflict, but we worked it out. It was a really good day.

Day 19 of Kindergarten

Today we listened to two friends share their All About Me packets. After Morning Meeting, we went back to Morning Choice. We had a new choice, sticky sand! Susan said it's called kinetic sand. We made ice cream scoops and cake. During Center time, we did Make It Monday and drew self portraits to give to our grandparents or special friends. We had Spanish and PE for our special classes. It was a super duper day!!!

Pictures from the week...

Revisiting the Unity Project

Outdoor Learning at the Foote Community Garden

Birthday Celebration

A New Game

Special Visitors

Reading and Math

Day 17 of Kindergarten

In the morning, we played with marbles, we worked on our bears, and we decorated our book sacks with colored Sharpies. We also loved playing with Simon, Susan's favorite game from when she was little. Later we counted popsicle sticks and put them in bundles of ten. Then we combined all the tens into one big bundle of ten little bundles of ten. That made one hundred. Then we used the left over ones. Our total number was 303. We learned not to say "and" when we say big numbers. In Centers, we made stations at the tables and rotated around them. We did patterns, numbers, and Fundations practice. Then we went to recess. We went on the slide, on the swing, the lucky climber, and the big spider web. We ate lunch and had quiet time. Next we went to library and got books. Then we went to PE and used the 9th grader playground and did an obstacle course. Then we had clean up and wrote the daily news. It was a cool, cool, cool, cool day!!!

Day 16 of Kindergarten

We worked hard today!!! We worked hard writing a story, we worked hard doing Fundations, and we worked hard in art painting a garden. We listened to Mrs. Maoz read us a story about being worried. We were surprised when we learned about all the worries the main character had! We also had our 9th grade buddies come in with the Yali students. That was so fun!!! We also read a story about how we can brave and kind and strong that was written by Barack Obama. Then we wrote a story about when we were that way. Now we are going out to recess. Yipee!!

Day 15 of Kindergarten

This morning we started out with an assembly to welcome our Yali School friends. We saw a wonderful show from the Yali students. They danced for us, they also performed a show they loved from when they were little, and a girl painted Chinese letters that meant friendship and gathering together. After the assembly, we went back to Morning Choice, then Morning Meeting, then snack and finally Calendar. Kossouth visited our class and read us two stories. One was called The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade. She stood up for herself and said she was tired of the fighting. The other book was Ish and was about Ramon's drawings. It talked about how things don't have to be perfect, but they can be perfect-ish. After lunch we celebrated our friend's birthday!!! The cupcakes were awesome and scrumptious. Then we had Music and PE and wrote our daily journal entry. This day was amazing!

Day 14 of Kindergarten

We came in and did Morning Choice. We made our bears, we made beautiful paintings with watercolor paints, and we played with the blocks. Some of us worked with Susan and did Math stuff. At Morning Meeting, Susan shared with us her All About Me packet. She also read a funny book called My Teacher's Secret Life. Donna did Calendar with us, and we sang our Months of the Year song for the Yali School teachers. We had Music, finished our snack, and did Centers with patterns and writing numbers. In Fundations, we learned the letters m and n. This afternoon, we had Outdoor Learning! We went to the Foote Community Garden. It was awesome! We made a house in the corn, found some mint, saw tomatoes, pumpkins, and lavender. There were so many colorful flowers, and also giant honeybees and butterflies. It was a great, great trip today!

Recess Fun!

Math and Read Alouds

Tong Beina (Bella) visits our classroom and shows us China on the map.

Finger Puppets using our summer reading book, A Visitor for Bear.

Day 12 of Kindergarten

Today was great! We had morning meeting and we learned a new thing, tally marks. We did calendar and today is Wednesday, September 20, 2017. We had bagels for snack. We had Fundations and colored our books and also used magnetic tiles and boards. We have new special slots to put our work. We acted the story of A Visitor For Bear. We had a special visitor, Bella, from the Yali School in China. She showed us how China looks like a rooster on the map. Today was a zippity zappity day!

Day 10 of Kindergarten

For Morning Choice we did Hi Ho Cheerio, books, and worked on our bears. At Morning Meeting, we signed our Classroom Promises. In Calendar, we started a weather graph. We had a fire drill and Susan and Donna said we were really quiet. Then we finished up snack and went to our first art class. We painted pictures of lines that we filled in with color paint. Then we had recess, lunch, and quiet time. At Fundations, we learned two new letters, b and f. Then we made patterns with pom poms and glue. It was a bippity-bobbity day.

Reminder: Tomorrow night is parents' night, beginning at 5:30.

Pictures from Week 2

The Unity Project

Read Alouds

and Math Centers

Recees Fun

Kindergarten Hopes and Dreams and Class Promises

Self Portraits

Day 8 of Kindergarten

Today was such a busy day, we didn't have time to write our journal entry. Stay tuned for tomorrow's update!

Day 7 of Kindergarten

Today we picked a choice when we got to school after we washed our hands. During Morning Meeting, we shared our Someday pictures. At calendar time, we counted to 7 with our fingers, slowly and fast. For Math, we sorted collections and made patterns. We did big ones and small ones. Angela took our pictures so she could remember our names. Kossouth was our special visitor and read us two stories. He likes to talk about feelings. During Fundations, we learned the letter t. Then we played with our friends at recess and had lunch and quiet time. Our specials today were Spanish and PE. Then we cleaned up the room and wrote our daily journal entry. We liked the day a lot. One of our favorite parts was playing the shush game with Angela.

Day 6 of Kindergarten

After morning choice, we had Morning Meeting. We saw our friends' hopes and dreams for kindergarten. For snack we had yogurt and animal crackers. Then we went to Music with Tina and Spanish with Angela. Next we did calendar and talked about the months and the weather. We decided it was cool, but we later thought we should have picked hot. At recess we played with our friends. We did the Unity Project with all of Foote School and we got a special stuffed bird, Falco, from our 9th grade buddies. Next we ate lunch and had quiet time. Then during Fundations, we used our special writing tablet. Then Susan read us a book called Someday and we drew a picture of our Someday dream. Then we had closing meeting and wrote this journal. Today was a hoppity- hippity day!

Day 5 of Kindergarten

For morning choice, we played with pattern blocks, played Candy Land, and also built with the blocks. Then we did the Unity Project with our 9th grade buddies. It was lots of fun! We also had Fundations for the first time. We met Echo and learned about the sky line, the plane line, the grass line, and the worm line. Then we had centers, and talked about our hopes and dreams for kindergarten. Next we had recess, lunch, and quiet time. We got to go to our first special classes, Library and PE. Then we wrote our daily journal together. Today was great!

Pictures from the first week...

We explored the classroom library and listened to Susan and Donna share some special picture books.

We learned how to use colored pencils and drew our favorite flower.

There are so many fun things to do in K3!