Josepha's Class

Being silly

Field Day!

A great time was had during our exciting, highly eventful day of sportsmanship and competition. Both the maroon and gray teams tried their best in all of the events and showed great PRIDE.


Earth Day

Today, we gathered together with our 7th grade buddies to think about ways WE can make a difference for our planet.

After reading a story and watching a power point presentation created by Foote School’s Environmental Action Group, one a leaf, we wrote promises to each other and to the earth to make one change in our life to help the earth.

2017 Earth Day Assembly Presentation for the 2018 Buddy Lunches

Next, we cut out enlarged pictures of some endangered animals and glued our trash on them. This helped to remind us how the choices we make significantly impact these animals.

We Hosted Morning Meeting

The children did a fantastic job presenting our original Pour Quoi tale during Morning Meeting. Thank you, parents, for coming to see our performance!

Pour Quoi

Our special classroom visitor

Author Cynthia Graves visited our class to share some of her work and allowed the children to add their ideas to one of her Maude of Maine stories. She was also very gracious by reading the fairytales that the children were so excited to share with her.

Celebrating our 100th Day of School

We estimated how much 100 items in a ziplock bag would be. Then filled the bag with 10 pieces of 10 items to see if our estimate was correct. Later, with our 2X buddies, we planted 100 seeds. This activity was a great way to kickoff our new science unit on soils. We also planted carrot, cilantro, cucumber and lettuce seeds.

We Welcome Special Guests

Author and illustrator, Peter Catalanotto shared his experiences as a writer with our first and second graders.

He challenged the children to use their life experiences, mistakes and erasers in different ways by considering “What if…?” and reflect on where their next story will go.

Traveling to distant places.

As we continue to delve into our understanding of what makes a community, culture and individual identity and development, the children were set to go on our "flight" to Nairobi, Kenya.

First, they had to get their vaccines.

Anxiously waiting with their carry-on luggage to get their passports.

Heading toward security check-point.

Waiting at the gate to board the plane.

Aboard the aircraft, we watched a safety video, as flight attendants made sure everyone was securely fastened in their seats ready for take off.

We had a smooth flight, which included a layover in London. But, we made it safely to Nairobi.