Josepha's Class

Being silly

Learning in 1X

We had a visit from a few early Americans (7th grade students) who came to share their stories and how their actions impacted American history.

Gladly Learn

Kossouth came in to share a story with us and to give us some strategies that we can use when we have BIG feelings like anger, frustration or excitement.

We have been learning about birds, their features and adaptations. To show our knowledge, we sculpted a bird's foot and placed it within its habitat.

In our classroom, learning looks differently for everyone.

Some friends are researching information on Ipads, some are publishing their writing using a publishing app, while others are writing their stories in journals.

Morning Choice Fun!

The children enjoyed building and designing.

X Building Time

First and second grade friends from 1X (Josepha's class) and 2X (Cara's class) working together on Friday afternoon.

Cara showing the children how to use mod podge to create barbules that connect the barbs of their feather.

After reading and discussing the significance of the winter solstice and how it is celebrated by people around the world, we made decorative candle holders.